Jack Lawrence

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Jack Lawrence

Postby Alec » Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:10 pm

What do you think of Jack Lawrence and his strange actions on the day of the assassination. Apparently he did not show up to work that morning at the car dealership, but appeared there 30 minutes after the assassination with muddy clothes and a pale face. A car from the dealership that he borrowed the previous night was found in the parking lot behind the grassy knoll.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Jack Lawrence

Postby kenmurray » Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:36 am

Jack Lawrence and His Borrowed Car

About a month before the assassination, a man named Jack Lawrence was hired at Downtown Lincoln-Mercury, a Dallas car dealership that was only two blocks from Dealey Plaza. Lawrence got the job by providing job references from New Orleans. These references were later found to be phony. Lawrence was known as an ardent right-wing speaker, and reportedly had been an expert marksmen in the military. The night before the assassination, Lawrence borrowed a car from the dealership, saying he needed it for a date.

Lawrence did not show up for work in the morning. However, thirty minutes after the shooting, he came hurrying through the company's show room. He was pale and sweating and had mud on his clothes. He rushed into the men's room and threw up. He claimed he had been ill, and that he had tried to return the car but was forced to park it because of traffic. His co-workers became suspicious and called the police. Later, the car Lawrence had borrowed was found--it was discovered in the parking lot behind the wooden fence on the grassy knoll (Marrs 339-340; Groden and Livingstone 133-134).

Lawrence was arrested by the Dallas police that evening. However, like other potentially important suspects who were arrested that day, he was released in short order and with little or no investigation into who he was or what he had been doing at the time of the shooting. Lawrence left Dallas as soon as he was released.
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The Arrest Of Jack Lawrence

Postby kenmurray » Tue Jul 05, 2011 2:46 am

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Jack Lawrence sold no cars

Postby Phil Dragoo » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:27 am

Jack Lawrence: reports of my muddy clothes and vomiting are greatly exaggerated.


Oliver Stone put Jack Lawrence in the sewer on the North side of Elm. Tosh Plumlee describes his own position with Sergio on the South Knoll, after which the latter muddied his clothes:

While on the south knoll, Sergio and I were attempting to evaluate the most logical places where shooters might be located, but everything was confused, the timing was off, team members were late getting into position. They were not where they were supposed to be and the limited radio contacts that we had with them were not working, or spotty at best. It was soon after our arrival that the motorcade arrived. When the shots rang out, I had the impression of 4 or 5 shots, with one being fired from behind and to my left on the South Knoll, near the underpass and south parking lot. While leaving via the south side of the underpass near the train tracks, Sergio and I smelled gunpowder. I never saw Roselli in Dealey Plaza that day.

We were picked up on the back side of the underpass, southwest side, by a person who had previously been at the Country Club. After driving away, and on the way back to Red Bird we stopped in the parking lot of Ed McLemore's Sportatorium, where Sergio changed out of the clothes he had muddied when he fell down the slippery west side of the railroad tracks.



Jack Lawrence is mentioned in Double Cross and JFK and Sam as having been sent by Marcello with Harrelson.

Lawrence got the job at the dealership with false references out of New Orleans (Marcello's territory), sold no cars, and checked out of the YMCA November 30.

Jack Lawrence, just another misunderstood member of The Village People.
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Re: Jack Lawrence

Postby Alec » Tue Jul 05, 2011 4:49 am

Thank you Phil for your thoughts. Interesting how you put out the idea that Sergio could be Jack Lawrence.
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Re: Jack Lawrence

Postby JDB4JFK » Tue Mar 12, 2013 12:33 am

I believe with all my research that this guy was definitely shooting from the Knoll. He fits the description, if wearing a suit, as the guy Ed Hoffman seen. He was seen out the night before partying with Ruby and Ruby's friends. He dance with Beverly Oliver, aka Babushka Lady. Beverly also stated he was a regular at Jack Ruby's club. He comes in to Dallas and gets a job at the Lincoln Mercury dealership a month before the assassination and makes friends immediately with Ruby, and Ruby trust him with all Ruby's cronies? Also he gave phony references of car lots he worked at from none other then New Orleans. He was probably sent there by Carlos Marcello, Ruby's real boss, and that's why he hung out with Ruby and Ruby trusted him. How could his behavior be that bad that his own fellow workers called the cops on him? He had to have said, or done something so obviously bad or they wouldn't have called. Also, another weird thing about that car lot, if true is, i read where a week after the assassination the lot went from 16 sales people to 6? Very odd!

Would love to hear you peoples two cents on this. By the way he's still alive and living in West Virginia. I would love to go see him and have a conversation with him!
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