Hammering The Facts

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Hammering The Facts

Postby Jim Bellomy » Thu Jun 07, 2007 3:54 am

This is a copy of the email I sent to Pete Wilson, afternoon talk show host at KGO Radio in San Francisco, California, USA on Wednesday evening, June 6, 2007.His radio show airs from 2:00-4:00p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

In one of your recent shows from, I believe, last week you mentioned that since 72% of the American people believe JFK was killed by a conspiracy, you felt like
they needed to be "hammered with the facts" to get them to see the light(and your opinion) of the "truth". You mentioned how Peter Jennings had presented "the facts" clearly showing that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who fired the fatal shots. I do understand that you prefer to believe Peter, as I believe he was a man of great integrity and a very good journalist, let alone a great person that we all have lost in this world.

I need to "hammer the facts" to you regarding some aspects of the JFK controversy:

1. Someone actually has confessed to killing JFK and being part of the plot to assassinate him. I point this out to counter your point that "no one" has confessed. His name is James E. Files, and he is currently incarcerated for another crime he committed.You can read about this on the internet at www.jfkmurdersolved.com or in a book titled "Files on JFK"(ISBN 141206516-X) which is currently available at the aforementioned website which is operated by a researcher in the Netherlands named Wim Dankbaar.

2. You say someone would have talked, if there were a conspiracy, during the past nearly forty-four years. Well, interestingly enough, some people have talked and it has been compiled in a book called
"Someone Would Have Talked" by Larry Hancock, and the second updated version was just released last fall(ISBN 0-9774657-1-3) or check the documents noted in the book at www.larry-hancock.com.

I heard both your interviews with Vincent Bugliosi and David Talbot regarding the Kennedys, and it is very clear by your tone and your attitude that you are "correct" in believing that Oswald did it, and that the rest of us who believe in a conspiracy are definitely, without question,crazy.

I will not claim that I know all the facts in this assassination mess, but I will allow ALL sides to come at me with their most powerful and compelling arguments to try to discern the truth. And it appears that you will not do that. This mystifies me, as you seem to be a very good and impartial KGO News Anchor for San Francisco. I've listened to you for years on both the news and your afternoon KGO radio show, but you just won't look at the other side of this issue in an intelligent manner.

I really wonder if you (yourself, not colleagues or friends) have read any of the books that bring up questions of a conspiracy, such as:

The deaf man who was on the railroad crossing who saw men and a "puff of smoke" behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll at the time of the assassination.

The Stemmons Freeway sign, which was one of the first reports at the time of the assassination that was damaged by bullets, and subsequently disappeared during the "investigation" never to bee seen again.

The damaged windshield frame above the mirror that had bullet damage, and the whole car for that matter which was quickly rebuilt without any real investigation, or at least none which was presented to the American public.

I would gladly donate both of the above listed books(and even deliver them) to you at KGO if you would promise to read them and discuss them after doing so in the not-too-distant future.
Or, maybe you could get Jim Eason on the phone in North or South Carolina and discuss it as he seems to be the only person who manned the mic at KGO who strongly questioned the findings of the Warren "Omission".
That is, if Jim is still alive and kicking after his retirement from KGO a few years ago.

I am not aware of any debates or discussions where two of the most vociferous opponents on the JFK assassination have been put on radio or television to "hammer out the facts" as you call them.
Maybe then, we would all be more enlightened and not so biased in our opinions of the "facts".

Have the guts to truly examine BOTH sides before calling 72% of us nuts. Would you do it?

Jim Bellomy
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