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Zapruder was a Freemason/Dealy Plaza Obelisk

PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:53 am
by Tom Quigley
I recently discovered that Zapruder was a 32nd degree Free Mason. In other words he was part of the Illuminati. Dealey Plaza contains an obelisk which is a symbol of the Illuminati, and that could explain why Dealey Plaza was selected to be the kill zone.

My hunch is that someone told Zapruder to stand where he did to take the film. In other words he was tipped off, and probably told that he would make some money on the sale of the film.

I think the idea of positioning Zapruder there was to get film footage of Kennedy getting shot from behind, but when Files shot from the front, from his position behind the Grassy Knoll, it made it impossible to use the film the way it was intended to be used. It was no longer able to be used to prove the lone assassain/ LHO crazed gunman scenario which was the plan.

Incidentally, the perfect number in the Illuminati, I have heard is 11. Notice that the assassination took place in da11as on November (11th month), and on the 22nd day (22 is 2 elevens .... 11 x 2 = 22).

This also applies to the planned ending for WWI which was on 11/11 at 11 am.

And let us not forget that the staged attack on the World Trade Center took place on 9/11, and if you think about it the Twin Towers - which were originally built by David Rockefeller - looked like a giganitic number 11.

Any Illuminati buffs out there?

Re: Zapruder was a Freemason/Dealy Plaza Obelisk

PostPosted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:17 am
It was definetly a ritualistic Freemasonic murder of JFK! Just like 9/11 contained numerous incidences of the number 11 within the event, Dealey Plaza is chock full of numerological symbolism, and because of this, there are many correspondences to various numbers that have been built within the design of the plaza itself. Like the number 3 which is very important to occult numerology. The city of Dallas sits on the 33 degree line of latitude. The 33rd degree is the highest publicly known degree in the Scottish Rite of Freeemasonry. LBJ, Gerald Ford, Earl Warren, Hoover, Dulles, George Bush Sr., were all 33 degree masons. Shortly after the assassination Abraham Zappruder was promoted to 33 degree mason. Here's some more 3's for you in this occult murder. The Trinity river lies at the foot of dealey plaza. Dealey Plaza features the convergence of three streets; Commerce, Elm, and Main. The Plaza sits on a 3 acre plot of land, in which the streets are arranged in a three sided triangle or pyramid formation, with these three streets converging in and traveling through what has become known as the triple underpass! JFK was killed on 11/22, which 11+22 = 33. Some of the other intriguing correspondences to the number 3 were as follows; three shots were taken at the President, according to the official fiction of that day. Immediately after the ritual execution, three tramps were arrested and taken on a parade walk in front of the still cameras belonging to the mainstream press. Three men who were inextricably involved in the event, were known by three intials each. They were the victim JFK, the beneficiary LBJ, and the alleged assassin LHO. The true assassins shots originated from three locations, the grassy knoll, Dal-Tex building, book depository. At 4:00pm on November 22, 1963, exactly 3 hours after JFK had been pronounced dead at 1:00pm, the word was put out that the murder was the work of a single lone nut assassin, LHO, and that no conspiracy exosted. This was prior to any formidable investigation, and this conspiracy theory of the government's own making, thus became the establishment official fiction of the event. Incidentally, it was at 4:00pm on 9/11, when the national news media put out the word for the first time that the events of THAT day were the work of one man, a lone-nut who was identified as Osama Bin Laden (OBL), AND THAT NO CONSPIRACY EXISTED. This was also prior to any formidable investigation. The last one I'll leave you with is JFK was shot three times throat, back, and head.