JFK RFK vs. Indonesia Bechtel Rockefeller and Ford

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JFK RFK vs. Indonesia Bechtel Rockefeller and Ford

Postby Andrew Johnson » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:16 am

Pt 1: Indonesia

It seems likely to have been a Skull & Bones dream to re-create the colonial super state that made the Dutch rich for two hundred years from around 1605 to 1795.

The Corporate State was based on a strong local warlord class keeping the farmers under control, from 1928 to 1941 a mostly unpopular person called Sukarno called for Japan to declare war on the United States of America and what Sukarno called the Imperial Western powers of the Pacific. Not only did Sukarno supply the vital oil Japan needed for the Pacific war and celebrated Ally naval loses; but using the Japanese radio & loud speaker network he recruited nearly 3% of the Javanese population as supporters. The atomic bomb did save American lives, not in Japan but on the shores of Java where they would have been outnumber five to one by poorly armed but fresh volunteer troops.

While other Axis powers were disarmed and their leaders prosecuted for war crimes, the U.S. and U.K. Generals were told that South East Asia should be left in the control of Sukarno and his militia. In Washington the Ford Foundation in 1949 called for the business community to support Sukarno and a new class of Javanese elite they had been training some of who invited US business to fund the Marshall Plan with the 'wealth of Asia' harvested with Java's support.

Unfortunately for the Ford and Rockefeller dreamers Sukarno proved as avarice as they were and would not sign away future profits of the region's colonization easily; but in 1957 the Foundation discovered the Javanese military Generals were eager to sign contracts for any quick profits. The Foundation's wisdom for the CIA was to fund the Indonesian military against their government.
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