Thanks Giving

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Thanks Giving

Postby tom jeffers » Wed Nov 21, 2007 10:46 pm

Although this holiday means a lot of different things to different people, I encourage each of us to take a step back and ponder on our gifts. We are truly blessed as a people despite all of the problems we have in our society. I know that I have debated, argued, agreed, and questioned many of you but I want you all to know that each of you has made my life more enriched and enlightened and I thank you for that. I wish you all peace at heart and tranquility of mind. I hope you all are healthy and enjoy these times.

I challenge each of us to do a thanks giving this upcoming week. By that I mean do something nice to someone that crosses your path without any expectations of the deed being repaid.

tom jeffers

Postby Bob » Thu Nov 22, 2007 2:04 pm

I'm with you Tom. This will be a very special Thanksgiving to me. But it should be for others as well. Nice post!
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Postby Ricky Clow » Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:35 am

Thanks, Same goes to everyone else from me (although my Thanks Giving was last month) (Canada)
"This is it!"
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Thanks Giving

Postby Bruce Patrick Brychek » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:13 pm

2:13 p.m.,
Chicago, Illinois time:

Dear JFK Murder Solved Forum Members and Readers:

As Fall, Snow, and Winter have begun to envelop us in Chicago, Illinois, and Crime, Drugs, Gangs,
Murders, and Shootings continue, leading up to Thanksgiving, and Christmas, I was looking through
my Old Notes for some Ancient Research of mine. And I ran across The Last Letter to J and B from
our Old Trusted, Confidential Friend, Tom Jeffers.

Tom's Final Letter Concluded:

"Bruce, if it's important, never give up !"

Tom was a Tri-Plegic, confined in his final years to an Electric Bed, and an Electric Wheel Chair. And
as his remaining fingers failed him, he began using a Voice Activated, Combined Recorder, Speaker, and
Writing Device.

Yet Tom was a Top Level CPA, with all of his Insurance and Financial Licenses. He was Brilliant to the end.

Though 95% physically crippled, Tom's mind was as keen as anybody's I have known. His Analyses, Readings,
Studies, and Writings were as powerful as they were sincere.

Tom's son, of whom he was immensely proud of, went from a High Level Military Position to The Pentagon.
Because of that, and other reasons, we kept Tom's Close, Confidential Communications and Friendship
with J and B way off of the radar.

Tom did Charity Work, and sought to assist those who he said had it worse than him.


As the snow is falling here, and I am putting up My Thanksgiving Decorations, I reflect upon Tom's
Wisdom, and Words.

Just a thought. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays TO ALL.

AND IF IT'S IMPORTANT, NEVER GIVE UP. Tom Jeffers, Resting In Peace.

As always, I strongly recommend that you first read, research, and study material completely yourself
about a Subject Matter, and then formulate your own Opinions and Theories.

Any additional analyses, interviews, investigations, readings, research, studies, thoughts, or writings
on any aspect of this Subject Matter ?

Bear in mind that we are trying to attract and educate a Whole New Generation of JFK Researchers
who may not be as well versed as you.

Comments ?

Bruce Patrick Brychek
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