What to think of Ed Hoffman and Gordon Arnold?

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Ed Hoffman

Postby LiAnn Simpson » Wed Jun 27, 2007 6:41 pm

I believe this man did indeed see alot. He tried to communicate with a number of people what he had seen but because of his deafness it was difficult. What the poor man did not really realize was that they in fact did not want to know what he had to say, it did not fit the foregone conclusion. I think the part about the take-down rifles was accurate. I believe every rifle used that day was able to be dismantled and disguised as something else. They said that Oswald's rifle when dismantled was still about 3 feet long and could not have been what he was carrying into the TSBD that morning. Here is my question, why has no one ever asked what became of the curtain rod box? He carried it in, but not out. Where is it? I think we can all answer that by knowing that there probably was a curtain rod box and it was probably discarded of very quickly just like JFK's limo.
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