Discovery: RFK sound recording

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Discovery: RFK sound recording

Postby R Croxford » Thu Jun 07, 2007 2:59 am

Seen this tonight on the discovery channel, They are all of a sudden shocked that more then 8 bullets were fired because some recording might say so.
Please! We knew this. Why is Daryl Gates a former chief of LA police even running his mouth on this show. Like he was there. This is the guy who fucked LA up during the riots and OJ. He says they destroyed all the pictures and evidence after years of sitting there taking up space. Like the history of the event warrants them throwing away evidence. LMAO.
Once again they laugh in the face of truth and mock the people of this planet.
R Croxford

Postby Bob » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:39 pm

I saw the program myself. It basically comes to same conclusion I have, that there were two gunmen. I am glad that the special included Ted Charach and his theory that Thane Cesar is the REAL assassin. I also believe the CIA was also involved, with people like David Morales being involved as reported recently by the BBC. For more on Charach's theory, please see...

And for more on the BBC theory regarding CIA involvement, please see...

THE RFK assassination is very important in terms of the JFK assassination. The CIA was DEFINITELY involved. Jimmy Files has confirmed this. I say it's time to find Thane Cesar and question him again regarding the assassination. Unfortunately, he now lives in the Phillipines. Why? Was is he hiding? Was it because he lied to the FBI regarding owning a .22 caliber gun? Was it because he also worked at Lockheed at the time of the investigation? Was it because he was a racist? Was it because he hated the Kennedy's? This special confirms that that were two shooters. Cesar was behind RFK when Sirhan started shooting. The fatal shot was fired at a range of about an inch and a half away. Sirhan never got that close, but Cesar was exactly where the assassin would have to be. A TV reporter saw him draw his weapon. We also know that David Morales and other CIA operatives were at the scene. The JFK assassination and RFK assassination are linked. That what corrupt power does. Right Poppy?
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