Martin Epperson's story on Chauncey Holt

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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Martin Epperson's story on Chauncey Holt

Postby dankbaar » Wed May 16, 2007 7:27 am

Dear Wim,

I want to tell you a true story that happened years ago. I have been
interested in and researching the JFK assassination since the late 1980's.
In the mid-90's I read "The Man on the Grassy Knoll" about Charles Rogers,
Charles Harrelson and Chauncey Holt, the three Tramps. At that time I was in
the collections business in Laughlin, Nevada and had access to credit bureau
files. The book listed Roger's social security number. I pulled Roger's
credit file. He had no activity at all or listing. Just a blank sheet. That
was very wierd. Then I did a name search for Chauncey Holt. He turned up in
the San Diego phone book. I called the number and got a fax tone. I faxed
him a letter asking whether he was really the "old tramp", why he was there
at Dealy and what was in the paper sack he was carrying in the photos. He
responded by postal mail to me, on his art school letterhead. A very nice
and friendly letter where he talked about his art, his counterfeiting for
the CIA and why he was in Dealy Plaza that day. He told me the sack
contained a radio and he was in contact with other operatives that day via
this radio. He stated that it was his understanding that this was to be a
"staged incident" to draw attention to the Cuba situation and no one would
be hurt. He was just as shocked as everyone else when the President was
killed. He felt like he had been used.

I was really happy and proud to receive this letter but you know, I was kind
of nervous. Years before when I was a very young man, I had been involved
in the militia movement in Southern Idaho and the John Birch Society. I
often felt I was under some type of government surveillance and my phone was
tapped from time to time, especially in the days following the Oklahoma City
bombing. I had tried for years to keep my JFK research low key but I used my
credit bureau access to help some researchers from California and Oklahoma.
I had found the address and phone number of Billy Seymour this way. I
supplied that to A.J. Weberman, who was in contact with Gerry Hemming. He
never really followed up on it, which made me leery of him. I helped other
researchers find some people listed in the Warren Commission report. I did
some work for John Armstrong on his 2 Oswald theory. I respected your work
the most. I feel that you are really dedicated and sincere in your efforts
to bring out the truth.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my home in Laughlin was broken into by
parties unknow. I returned from work and I knew someone had been inside my
home. A few things had been moved and some JFK books I had been reading were
tossed on the floor. The only thing missing in the entire house was the
letter from Chauncey Holt. Of course I knew right away what this meant. I
was being watched and monitored.

This totally traumatized me about contacting him further. I stopped doing
credit pulls for researchers. I stopped thinking about the assassination. I
didn't want to suffer any physical harm as a result of my amateur
investigations. So I set this aside for a long time. It was always in the
back of my mind though. Things changed a lot as the internet matured.
Information that had been hidden and difficult to find started becoming
easily available.

Recently I have become interested again in the JFK murder. I have been
reviewing all the work you did with Mr. Holt and I regret that I was
frightened away from this truth. Obviously it is the truth or why would they
go to the trouble to break into my home and take nothing but his letter to
me. I have not talked about this to anyone since that time because I was
really frightened. Im a lot older now and much more mature. Not as easily
frightened or discouraged. Looking back I think they had what is called a
"mail cover" on Mr. Holt and easily followed his letter to my home. They
probably think Im just a nobody but sent me a message by taking that letter.

Anyway, I just felt like I should write you. I know the people that killed
our President and murdered witnesses are still in power. I hate them all and
I appreciate your efforts to expose this vile group of thugs and assassins.

Martin Epperson
The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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Postby dankbaar » Wed May 16, 2007 7:32 am

Dear Wim,

I found my copy of the original fax letter to Mr. Holt. I scanned it and
attached to this email. Of course his response letter and its envelope were
taken from me.


The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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Postby Bob » Wed May 16, 2007 12:36 pm

Good stuff Wim. By the way, I just saw Gary Mack on a History Channel special regarding the JFK assassination dismissing the three tramps theory. Surprising? :wink:
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Check This Garbage Out....

Postby Pennyworth » Wed May 16, 2007 11:46 pm

Cover of Vincent Bugliosi's new book, "Reclaiming History"
May 16, 2007
Jan Reeves was browsing through new books on a table at the front of Border's bookstore in Hyannis yesterday when Vincent Bugliosi's newly published work on the assassination of John F. Kennedy caught her eye.

She examined the front cover imprinted with frames from the Zapruder film, an amateur photographer's chronicling of the fatal shots.

She flipped to the back of the book giving a "hmmphh" of surprise at discovering endnotes and source notes packaged in a CD affixed to the cover.

Then she walked away.

But the siren's call of "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" was too strong. Within seconds, the Hyannis resident turned on her heels and picked up the book for a second time.

"OK, I surrender," Reeves said to no one in particular as she picked up the book, hugging all 5½ pounds of the hard-bound edition to her chest and heading to the cash register. Later, tucking a receipt into her purse, Reeves said, "Maybe this book will settle a long-running argument, and I do mean long-running argument between me and my husband. I think Oswald acted alone. My husband believes it was a conspiracy among ultra-conservatives who didn't like Kennedy."

Released yesterday, "Reclaiming History" is expected to prompt yet another round of battles over conspiracy theories of the 1963 assassination.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Bugliosi said his book is not only aimed at proving once and for all that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone but also at examining one of the most charismatic figures of the 20th century.

"The book is about the time and about Kennedy. He was a man of irresistible charm with many strengths and weaknesses. It's the story of an era," Bugliosi said.

Written in narrative style, the book is the result of 20 years of research through thousands of records and hundreds of interviews, including interviews with Oswald's widow, Marina,. and original members of the Warren Commission, the panel established by Lyndon Johnson five days after Kennedy's death to investigate the assassination.

A former Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, Bugliosi may best be known as the man who successfully prosecuted Charles Manson and penned the top-selling book "Helter Skelter." His previous works also include "The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President," "No Island of Sanity: Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton," and "Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder."

Bugliosi said part of his motivation to research and write about the Kennedy assassination was a Gallup poll that found 75 percent of Americans believe Oswald was part of a conspiracy to murder the president.

The project was also influenced by a 1985 television event: A live, 21-hour, scriptless trial in which Bugliosi squared off against legendary defense attorney Gerry Spence before a Dallas jury to weigh Oswald's guilt and whether he had accomplices. With zeal typical of a driven prosecutor, Bugliosi pointed out yesterday that the television jury ruled Oswald acted alone.

Bugliosi applied a prosecutor's passion to the research and writing of "Reclaiming History," laying out his case for Oswald as lone gunman while dismantling many of the conspiracy theories piece by piece as though arguing in court.

The research methods of such famed conspiracy theorists as Mark Lane, Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone are exposed, in Bugliosi's view, as "unadulterated moonshine" and "lamentably ludicrous."

"Oliver Stone got some things right. He got the place, date and time of the assassination correct," Bugliosi said of the Hollywood director whose 1991 film "JFK" points to Lyndon Johnson as a puppet master in the conspiracy to kill the 35th president.

"There are a lot of reasons people want to believe in the conspiracy theories," Bugliosi said. "I'll give you just a couple reasons: One, conspiracies are more interesting. People want to believe that there were powerful forces behind Kennedy's assassination, forces that disapproved of the direction Kennedy was taking this country in. Another, people don't want to believe that someone as inconsequential as Oswald could bring down a president of the United States by himself. It is an almost illogical visceral reaction. But as Jacqueline, the president's wife, said, we don't have the satisfaction of (Kennedy) dying for a cause, a cause like civil rights. The manner in which he was killed robbed his death of meaning."

Bugliosi pored over the Warren Commission report, documents at the National Archives and the 1978 report of the House Committee on Assassinations that revisited the president's death in light of lingering conspiracy theories.

Bugliosi did not attempt to interview any of the late president's surviving family. "They are on the record as accepting the conclusions of the Warren Commission," he said. "This is still a wound for that family and I saw no legitimate reason to ask them to re-open that wound."

Karen Jeffrey can be reached at

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Some More of This Garbage in an article.....

Postby Pennyworth » Wed May 16, 2007 11:50 pm

May 17, 2007
New book hopes to finally end JFK conspiracies

By Mark Egan
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Vincent Bugliosi is so obsessed with President John F. Kennedy's murder he spent 21 years sifting the evidence and wrote more than a million words to find Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone -- the same conclusion reached by the official report 43 years ago.

Bugliosi, who prosecuted cult leader Charles Manson and told his grisly tale in the best-seller "Helter Skelter" and wrote about O.J. Simpson's murder trial, says other cases pale beside the JFK assassination, which he calls "the crime of the century."

So significant is the case, he felt it was worth 1,612 pages with 1,128 pages of endnotes; more than 1.5 million words he wrote by hand and dictated for his secretary to type.

Even in a book roughly three times as long as Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace" he admits he never reached the bottom of the JFK evidence pile. But he hopes he has finally refuted the endless conspiracy theories which he says have undermined Americans' confidence in their government.

"I took the whole thing on. What I found out was there is no bottom to the pile in the Kennedy assassination. It is a bottomless pit, it is endless. I got sucked into the abyss," Bugliosi said in an interview about his book "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

"This is the most fascinating story ever told," he said of the case, which has been a personal obsession since 1986.

All his efforts produce the same conclusion as the Warren Commission which originally investigated the case; Lee Harvey Oswald did the deed alone. So, why tackle the topic?

"It's not the conclusion you reach, it's are you more persuasive in the conclusion that you reach," the former prosecutor said, still trim and energetic despite his age of 72. "Whatever I do, whether it is a summation to the jury or a book, I always aspire to a masterpiece.


"It was my intent to write a book for the ages. This is a book whether it's a hundred years from now or a thousand years from now that people are going to have to read," he said.

A Gallup Poll from 2003 found 75 percent of Americans reject the Warren Commission's findings, but Bugliosi hopes to turn that tide and undo damage done by conspiracy theorists like Oliver Stone.

The mere mention of Stone's 1991 film "JFK," which suggests that three professional snipers killed Kennedy as part of a high-level conspiracy to escalate U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war, sets Bugliosi off.

"People identify Stone with the conspiracy movement more than anyone else," he said. "Millions of people saw that film. But Stone's movie is one continuous lie.

"I can amend that by saying he did have the date correct, he had the victim correct and he had the city correct," he said, launching into a rebuttal of Stone's movie with all the gusto as if he were back in a courtroom, gesticulating and pulling papers from a file to back up his statements.

"And, he had the stratospheric arrogance to say he wanted his movie to replace the Warren Commission," he said.

Stone declined to comment on Bugliosi's book, which includes a 100-page chapter countering the claims made in his "JFK" movie and a book it was based on.

"I do not believe that any reasonable, rational person can possibly read my book without being satisfied without all reasonable doubt that Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone," he said.

Early reviews of the book, published this week by W.W. Norton, suggest Bugliosi may have met his goal.

"From this point forward, no reasonable person can argue that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent; no sane person can take seriously assertions that Kennedy was killed by the CIA, Fidel Castro, the Mob, the Soviets, the Vietnamese, Texas oilmen or his vice president, Lyndon B. Johnson," The Los Angeles Times wrote. "Bugliosi has definitively explained the murder that recalibrated modern America. It is a book for the ages."

But aged 72, this may be his final big work.

"This case was just too much. In a sense I bit off more than I could chew. I succeeded, but, my God, there is just no end to this case," he said. "I'm not going to take on another major work like this again. Not at my age."

Copyright © 2007 Reuters

Excerpt From Above Article....

Postby Pennyworth » Wed May 16, 2007 11:54 pm

[Even in a book roughly three times as long as Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace" he admits he never reached the bottom of the JFK evidence pile. But he hopes he has finally refuted the endless conspiracy theories which he says have undermined Americans' confidence in their government. ]

One paragraph says volumes here.....

Postby r christen » Thu May 17, 2007 4:15 am

Perhaps we have a situation whereby Mr Bugliosi, in his zeal, never discovered or learnt about this website.

Amongst other things, I'll be interested to know what he wrote about the Three Tramps. This in itself is a vital factor in establishing the truth.
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