A Tale of Two Psychiatrists

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A Tale of Two Psychiatrists

Postby John Zeroski » Tue Feb 27, 2007 8:06 pm

There are two people that I know of who are making a living by practising child psychiatry. One of them is E Martin Schotz. The other is Robert Coles.
The interesting thing about these two is that they have both expressed their views of the Kennedy assassination in book form.
Schotz has written the highly readable History Will Not Absolve Us, in which he makes it abundantly clear that President Kennedy was not murdered by a lone assassin.
Robert Coles, on the other hand, in one of his later books, has a four or five page discussion with a mildly disturbed boy in which he raises the question of "Why did Lee Harvey Oswald kill the president?"
On the surface it would appear that Schotz has done his homework, as he understands that the death of the president has had enormous consequences for the future of his country. Coles, or so it seems to me, doesn't appear to know too much about the assassination, only that LHO murdered the president. He somehow accepts this without telling the reader how he came to this knowledge.
So how can two intelligent human beings come to such totally opposite conclusions?
My guess is that Robert Coles, as an employee of Harvard University when he wrote his book, was subjected to a bit of pressure, to which he succumbed. Harvard is one of those prestigious schools which is funded by some of the great Foundations. They get a lot of money from these sources. Anyone can check this out for themselves.
I can easily imagine a scenario wherein Dr Coles is approached by a superior and is told that there is a little problem that he may be able to help them (the University) with. It seems that some silly people still believe in a conspiracy theory of the assassination, and it would be a big help if he (Coles) could slip into one of his books a fictitious dialogue with a fictitious patient regarding this matter. Being a good guy, with little or no knowledge of the facts of the assassination, and trusting in the country and government that he has done well by, agrees to this little ruse.
Since nobody in their right mind with the facts of the assassination at their disposal could end up with a lone nutter theory, this guesswork is all that I can offer regarding Dr Coles.
John Zeroski
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