Swimming through treacle - studying National Archive Release

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Swimming through treacle - studying National Archive Release

Postby JDThomas » Fri Apr 24, 2020 1:03 pm

In many ways I'd wish that I had never started looking through the 2017 JFK Act releases.

The page below is a good example:


A whole page of documents, no author given, no title, no holding agency, no associated interested government department, no reasons why withheld to this date, no comments ..... nothing.

Not all pages are as bad as this, but there are many, many the same and even when you open the document and clearly see that its FBI, CIA, ONI etc. behind it, it is not stated on the listings.

It would be a whole life's work to get through this lot and the lifetimes of children and grandchildren to study their significance. There are many new names to me and most documents do not state why this is a person of interest and of course, nothing as to the relevant interest in the Assassination case. It's worth pointing-out that huge batches were released in 1998/99 under the 'Not Considered Relevant' flag, so these documents, however obscure must be of some significance.

So to cut to the chase - is this whole process deliberate?
This is a minimal co-operation basis by the Archives - to have even created this release batch the Archives must have an index as to who and where these documents were held and why they had not been released earlier and who had objected to their release.
- Are the going to share this information with us? NO!
- Will they assist the American public, who they are pledged to serve and actually fund their existance? NO!
- Will they stifle any investigators examining the case? Apparently YES.

Just as the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission Report contained no index, this parallel lack of co-operation is just telling researchers "Go take a hike! Hell will freeze over before we let you get through with it!"

I will continue to try swimming through the treacle, but I have a suspicion that they have not even finished filling the pool with the stuff yet - and maybe it has been formulated to set solid before I reach the other side!
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Re: Swimming through treacle - studying National Archive Rel

Postby JDThomas » Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:57 pm

Here's another good example:

Contact report with Antonio Veciana.


Probably released because nobody could read what it says and they didn't think any of us would know either.
If someone wanted to keep the content secret then their secret is still safe!

Note: cover sheet says best copy available :lol:
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