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Oren Fenton Potito

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:45 pm
by JDThomas
The above was the subject of an FBI memo released in the 2017 batch:

In this report, Potito gives a speech in January 1964 in which he refers to a Surgeon General's report confirming a shot to the front of JFK's throat and refers to a hole in the windshield.

Has anyone else heard of this Surgeon General's report? If it exists, is it available to view?

This is still only a couple of months after the assassination and this is fairly accurate information that goes against the official line coming out.

I'm also wondering what is contained in this document that meant that it had to be withheld, not to be released in full for 50 years? Where is the National Security reasoning?

Re: Oren Fenton Potito

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:41 pm
by JDThomas

This is being publicised by others elsewhere today, but the ARRB's Doug Horne brought it up originally in 2017 with the National Archives releases

Re: Oren Fenton Potito

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 9:14 pm
by Bob Jonas
A shot from in front THROUGH the windshield is about as likely as a shot through the Stemmons Freeway sign. No assassin would ever ever (ever) take that shot! Besides, at that low trajectory and angle, the shooter would have to have been James Tague... Also, a frontal shot to the throat that early in the shooting makes no sense at all either. We all know the CIA went to such great lengths to set up Lee as the assassin shooting from behind, so why lead off with a shot from the front?

I've looked at the Zapruder Film closely to examine exactly what Kennedy's hands are doing when he was supposedly hit in the throat and he does not grab his neck! In fact, his fists appear clenched and his elbows are up in the air. Try grabbing your throat with your hands and ask yourself if your hands are in the same clenched position as JFK's and if your elbows up as high. No way.

I have concluded in my mind, after long believing in the throat entry wound, that he was reacting to a shot to the back. Where the wound in the throat came from, I don't know. Possibly from shrapnel or mercury from the head shot traversing through his head and neck from the double-hit head shot from behind and from the Knoll?

I just can't see any logical scenario where a frontal shot hits him first (and through a windshield past 2 rows of occupants no less) especially when he does not grab his throat. Just my two cents worth...

Re: Oren Fenton Potito

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:14 pm
by JDThomas
The point is Bob is that the Parkland doctors believed and treated the the throat wound as a wound of entry and whoever wrote the Surgeon General's report agreed with this.
But where is this report now?

The Potito revelation is less than 2 months after the Assassination, when the pathology information was not yet public and the Warren Commission fix was not yet in. At this stage, they hadn't come up with the Single Bullet Theory and didn't have the need for it yet either. Yet apparently this report was comon knowledge in certain circles and the authorities were worried that the likes of Potito knew.

Pure speculation but was Potito saying "We know things in official records you don't want public. Now look after our boys!" ????

Re: Oren Fenton Potito

PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:41 am
by Dealey Joe
My wife was an RN and worked at times with Dr. Red as he was known. She said Dr. Red said he took one look at JFK and said "He's dead" and went on to Connally. this story is a short of what he said at the 50th. ... k-was-shot.

I think it was McClelland who said we did not determine if it was an entrance or exit wound, We just installed the trach where the hole was.

Personally I think it was shrapnel related same as Tague.

The bullet that hit the windshield frame had to have sent shrapnel everywhere and had to come from behind or side. This inflicted considerable damage to the windshield chrome frame, rear view mirror, Visors and in my opinion the windshield and sprayed shrapnel all over the car.
If you watch Zapruder closely you can see a couple frames where the visors move, they were in the up position.
Be interesting to see if any of Connolly's reactions were related to this shot? probably can't tell.