Where was Lee Oswald during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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Where was Lee Oswald during the Cuban Missile Crisis?

Postby JDThomas » Sun Mar 22, 2020 3:16 pm

This was a question posed by Gerry Patrick Hemming to an interviewer?

Following a long pause and further silence from the interviewer, Hemming starts to laugh.

LHO, a dirty little communist, returned from living in Soviet Russia less than 3 months previous, with a Russian wife of dubious intelligence community status .... the USA is at the point of war .... the world is on the brink of Armageddon .... then why aren't the FBI all over Oswald like a rash???
If the US government is an any way worried about 5th Columnists, he should have been labelled America's most wanted man. If they intelligence service simply thought that he was just an innocent loner, then he was still America's most likely to get lynched in this pressure cooker situation and should have had protective custody. If they wanted the American public to vent their anger at the situation, then the Hoover boys should have been shouting "Hey! look fellas, he's over here! Come get him!"

Instead .... nothing .... officially nobody is looking for him. Nobody in the intelligence service knows where he is or is interested in where he is.

How strange ... perhaps.
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