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It's time we look at who the producers were of the assassination!!! WE GOT ONE HERE, H.L. HUNT!

Is There Evidence And Links That Implicate H. L. HUNT in the Assassination Of JFK?

Ralph Thomas·Monday, August 27, 2018·Reading time: 29 minutes
Compiled By Ralph Thomas
Researchers Ted Rubinstein, Michael Chambers, Diane Olson Dowd, Jessica Shores, Gaylon Ross, James Hepburn, John Bevilaqua and Dick Russell have added to the building links and evidence found in this material.
This material ties together the links and implications of H L HUNT in the assassinaton of JOHN F. KENNEDY in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. The evidence set out in this material provides evidence of motive, means, opportunity and links to prime suspects in the JFK assassination that would indicate either an implication in or a set-up as a legend of H. L. HUNT involvement in the covert operation and conspiracy.
H L HUNT was in 1963 one of the richest men in the world. His full name had been Haroldson Lafayette Hunt and liked to go by the name of H. L. Hunt. Based in Dallas, HUNT made his fortune in oil. HUNT developed extreme right wing political views. He supported a movement of DOUGLAS MACARTHUR for President in 1951. HUNT funded and developed two extreme right wing radio shows called the Facts Forum and Life Line. HUNT used these radio shows to support all of the claims made by JOSEPH MCCARTHY in the “communist in every closet” red scare of the 1950s. Radio shows in the 1950’s had much larger audiences and influence than they do in today’s media and news market place. In the early 1950s, TV had not come into being and most people would set around the living room listening to a radio much like people do today with television. These radio programs reached a wide national market and tended to whip people into a hysteria about communism taking over the United States. These propaganda programs also attempted to tie the growing civil rights movement into a communist conspiracy.

HUNT became a large supporter and member of the JOHN BIRCH SOCEITY as well as a supporter and close friend of GENERAL EDWIN WALKER. HUNT also became a supporter and large financial backer of the political career of LYNDON JOHNSON. HUNT also provided funds for the removal by any means including assassination of FIDEL CASTRO in Cuba in covert operations supported by both the CIA and the American mafia. HUNT had been extremely opposed to JOHN F. KENNEDY and his polices concerning communism, Russia and Cuba. He had also been extremely opposed to the JFK proposal to void out wide tax exemptions for people in the oil business which if passed through congress would of cost him millions of dollars in federal income tax.

In the 1940s, H. L. HUNT had become the largest oil producer in the United States. He also became a huge vendor to the military supplying them with almost all of the oil needed in World War II. He became a war profiteer and part of the vast and wide vendorship of what President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people about in his farewell address when he claimed that America needed to, “beware of the Military Industrial Complex.” By fueling red scare propaganda through his books, magazines and radio shows, HUNT was able to influence the public perception of the actual communist threat which drove up the budget of the military that then directly effected the amount of money his companies made through the sale of oil which had been needed to operate all forms of military vehicles and aircraft. There is no doubt that HUNT was looking forward to the forthcoming Vietnam War escalation that President John F. Kennedy was going to pull out of. After JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, Lyndon Johnson, who Hunt had always supported, ascended to the President and reversed the Vietnam policy. Lyndon Johnson escalated the Vietnam War instead of closing down US involvment which is what JFK was going to do. When LBJ had been asked by a military aid why he would not pull out of Vietnam because the war was not winnable, LBJ replied that, “ I can not just pull out of Vietnam because my friends are making too much money.” One of those friends had been H. L. HUNT. HUNT was concerned with the JFK policy as his peace-seeking efforts would of hampered his war profiteering and worried about the JFK support to eliminate his tax exmptions of his oil businesses. Both issues would of cost him billions of dollars if they had come to pass. In the work known as H.L. Hunt: Motive & Opportunity the author and Hunt’s attorney John Curington quoted Hunt stating a few months before the assassination that he had a “belly-full of the Kennedys” and that they both had to go.

HUNT spread various forms of hate propaganda and anti-JFK propaganda with hard cold cash through spokespersons within organizations such as the JOHN BIRCH SOCEITY, and the KLU KLUX CLAN. HUNT would pass out as much as $40,000 in cash at a time which was then filtered down to lower people within these radical right-wing organizations who would spread out across America to dispense his views. $40,000 in the early 1960s is about the value of $320,000 by todays value. JFK hate leaflets and a full page ad in the local Dallas newspaper had been funded from the HUNT office on the day of the assassination pertaining to JFK with bold headlines that stated, “Wanted for Treason.” You can review of copy of the leaflet and full page ad by clicking here or by following the direct link below.

WILLIAM OLTMANS claimed in an under oath deposition that H. L. HUNT had paid for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There is some confirmation of this. After consulting a network of other searchers, the following confirmations have been developed. Researcher Michael Chambers stated that James Hepburn in the book Farewell America cited the following information concerning HUNT. HUNT had been in his 7th Floor office in the Mercantile Building and watched JFK ride by his window. After shots range out, HUNT fled Dallas with 6 men and 2 cars. HUNT fled to Mexico. HUNT stayed in Mexico for about a month at a hideout location. According to searcher Gaylon Ross, Madeline Brown implied that HUNT had been one of the people that paid for the assassination and fled the United States after the assassination for some time out of fear for his life. Ross sets this out in his book known as The Elite Serial Killers. Researcher Ted Rubinstein states that his research indicates that HUNT went to Mexico after the assassination. Researcher Michael Chambers also indicated that there are some conflicting accounts of where HUNT went minutes after the assassination. Chambers stated that one account has him going to New York and DC staying in the Mayflower Hotel then on to Mexico while other accounts have him going directly to Mexico. All accounts have him fleeing Dallas. Several other accounts places Edwin Walker with him right after the assassination at his hideout in Mexico. Since H. L. HUNT had been one of the richest men in the United States and spent millions of dollars on radio shows, publications, leaflets, books, magaiznes, advertising and cash sent to various extreme right wing organizations to spread propaganda on JFK, it is plausible that some of these vast funds had been used either wittingly or unwittingly from him in a covert assassinaton opetation.
It is relevant to note that other evidence indicates that there had been a BUNKER HUNT ranch in California in which an assassination team had been practicing a crossfire type assassination hit. It is also relevant to point out that CIA agent CARL JENKINS stated another assassination team has been practicing a crossfire assassination hit at a ranch in Mexico near Mexico City owned by the CLINT MURCHISON family. At this location, Anti-Castro Cubans had been in the hills on the ranch taking pot shots at propped up watermelons in the back seats of old convertibles.
Evidence of a handwritten letter dated November 8, 1963 to a Mr. Hunt and signed by LEE HARVEY OSWALD which states, “ I would like information concerning my position” had been around for a length of time. H. L. HUNT’S right hand man, John Curington claims that he found this letter in the incoming mail of H. L. HUNT after the assassination. It had been turned over to the FBI. The House Select Committee On Assassinations had the handwriting checked by experts and the experts concluded that the handwriting had been Oswald’s handwriting. Other researchers have attempted to claim that this letter had been addressed to CIA agent E Howard Hunt. They do not explain how the letter ended up in the incoming mail of H. L. HUNT nor do they explain the fact that E Howard Hunt had used an undercover name in the 1960s and OSWALD would not have known E Howard Hunt’s real last name. You can obtain a copy of this letter by clicking here or by following the direct link below.

MADELEINE DUNCAN BROWN claimed to have been the secret mistress of LYNDON B. JOHNSON. BROWN also claimed to have been present at the Dallas home of CLINT MURCHISON the night before the assassination in which a meeting had been held that H. L. HUNT attended along with other influential people such as J EDGAR HOOVER, LYNDON B. JOHNSON and many others. BROWN claimed that after this meeting, LBJ told her that, “come tomorrow, the Kennedys will never embarrass me again, that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.” BROWN also claimed that she had been told by LBJ the following December after the assassination in Austin, Texas at the Driksell Hotel that oil people and the CIA had assassinated JFK. Many researchers believe that the BROWN stories or parts of the BROWN stories are not credible. It is important to note that over the years, she seems to have added to the list of people that had been present at the MURCHISON home meeting. The list got so large at one point that one would almost need a hotel meeting room to hold them all. In Nigel Turner’s video series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy, two other additional sources appear to confirm a party and meeting had taken place at the MURCHISON home. BROWN also claimed to a couple of researchers at a dinner after an early JFK conference in Dallas, Texas that she would sometimes meet LBJ at the JACK RUBY nightclub known as the Carousel Club after it had closed and other prominent people would show up such as the HUNTS, Dallas Sheriff BILL DECKER and Dallas Police Chief JESSE CURRY. While MADELEINE DUNCAN BROWN likely had been a secret mistress of LBJ, some of the claims she has made over the years may have been over-sensationalized.

Evidence shows that H. L. HUNT fled from Dallas right after the assassination to a hideout ranch in Mexico. Evidence also indicates that GENERAL EDWIN WALKER had joined him there. Other evidence indicates that WALKER had been in New Orleans a short time before the assassination and had a meeting with two employees who worked for GUY BANISTER. BANISTER has utilized LEE HARVEY OSWALD during the summer of 1963 in an intelligence operation in which OSWALD posed as a Pro-Castro sympathizer on the streets of New Orleans. Evidence in the record also reveals that OSWALD had also been observed getting out of a car in Clinton, Louisiana that CLAY SHAW had been in. OSWALD had posed as a Pro-Castro sympathizer in front of the International Trade Mart that had been run by CLAY SHAW. In earlier years, OSWALD had also attended meetings of the Civil Air Patrol that DAVID FERRIE had been in charge of in the same building. The Civil Air Patrol had been started by DAVID HAROLD BIRD who owned the School Book Depository Building. BIRD was friends with H. L. HUNT and a huge supporter of LYNDON JOHNSON. After the assassinaton, BIRD had the sixth floor window frame removed from the School Book Depository Building and had it mounted in his office like a trophy.

Both H. L. HUNT and GENERAL EDWIN WALKER had strong ties to the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY. There had been another member of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY in Los Angeles who had been investigated by both the Secret Service and the FBI for calling a meeting to assassinate John F. Kennedy by the name of DR. STANLEY DRENNAN. There had been another meeting in Los Angeles revealed by FBI informant HARRY DEAN that after a speech at a Los Angeles JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, GENERAL EDWIN WALKER went upstairs with a selected group of members and stated that an assassinaton plan of President Kennedy was in the works. WALKER also stated that LEE HARVEY OSWALD had been selected as the patsy because he could easily be linked to communists, communism, Russia and Cuba. Yet another Protective Security report from the Secret Service that has emerged shows that a JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY member from Houston had offered funds to have John F. Kennedy assassinated.
FBI informant HARRY DEAN stated that in the meeting GENERAL EDWIN WALKER had in Los Angeles proclaming that a plan was set out to assassinate John F. Kennedy, he stated that both LORAN HALL and LAWRENCE HOWARD had been selected as agents to help set OSWALD up as the patsy. FBI informant HARRY DEAN explained to me in an interview in August of 2018 that members within the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY had been more than willing to use assassination as a means to achieve a certain political objective concerning communists and the civil rights movement. Both LORAN HALL and LAWRENCE HOWARD can be placed in documentary evidence as having had contact with LEE HARVEY OSWALD and in Dallas on 11.22.1963. LORAN HALL and LAWRENCE HOWARD may have been present at a meeting with GENERAL EDWIN WALKER WITH GERALD PATRICK HEMMING. LORAN HALL stated in an under oath deposition that an offer had been made to him in the offices of LESTER LOGUE to be part of the JFK Assassination. LESTER LOGUE had been a friend of both H L HUNT and GEORGE DE MORHCHILDT. DE MORHCHILDT is the admitted babysitter of LEE HARVEY OSWALD and had admitted that he had been sent to OSWALD by the local CIA office in Dallas, Texas.
THOMAS BECKHAM stated under oath that two weeks before the assassination, he had hand delivered a package to LAWRENCE HOWARD in Dallas, Texas from New Orleans that contained cash, photographs and diagrams after being in the offices of the attorney of DAVID FERRIE. LORAN HALL stated under oath that a few weeks before the assassnation, he had been arrested by the Dallas Police. While in jail, HALL stated he had been visited by an FBI agent, a CIA agent and a military intelligence officer. While having a meeting with the FBI agent, HALL stated under oath when the conversation turned to President John F. Kennedy that he told the agent, “he needed to have his head blown off.” HALL had hired an attorney by the name of ROBERT MORRIS concerning his arrest. ROBERT MORRIS had been the head of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY in Dallas, Texas and was in close communication with and friends of H L HUNT and LESTER LOGUE. When HALL got out of jail, he had checked into the YMCA that had rooms. LEE HARVEY OSWALD had also rented a room for a time at this same YMCA and JACK RUBY used the YMCA every day to work out.
The FBI agent that HALL had the meeting while in the Dallas jail had likely been Agent JAMES P. HOSTY. HOSTY handled the OSWALD file at the local Dallas FBI office. He had destroyed a handwritten note to him from LEE HARVEY OSWALD that had been written before the assassination. After Oswald’s arrest by the Dallas Police, they had recovered Oswald’s address book. In the address book was contact information for FBI Agent JAMES P HOSTY. When the FBI turned over the address book to the Warren Commission, they had blacked out the contact information for JAMES P HOSTY.
Researcher Ted Rubinstein explained that his research shows that PAUL ROTHERMEL and JOHN CURINGTON had been employed in security by H. L. HUNT. There is evidence revealed by Dick Russell in his Book The Man Who Knew Too Much that Curington went to the Dallas Police Department to check out the security of the jail after OSWALD had been arrested on 11.22.1963 and before OSWALD was murdered on Sunday 11.24.1963 in the basement of the Dallas Police Department in front of 60 armed police officers by JACK RUBY. Through other evidence, RUBY can be placed in a meeting at the home of GENERAL EDWIN WALKER before the assassination, in the offices of H. L. HUNT a short time before the assassination and in the company of LEE HARVEY OSWALD by over 30 witnesses. A leaflet printed by HUNT had been found in RUBY’S car after he had shot OSWALD.
In the new book by JOHN CURINGTON called H.L. Hunt: Motive & Opportunity , CURINGTON confirms a long known rumor that MARINA OSWALD had been delivered to Hunt’s office just days after the assassination. She arrived in a black limousine that had US government tags. What she was doing there is unknown. At this time period, MARINA OSWALD had been under the protective custody of the Secret Service. According to CURINGTON, MARINA OSWALD was in the HUNT offices for some 20 minutes. Since H. L. HUNT had supposed to have been in Mexico, this is somewhat puzzling. However, there is the possability that HUNT could of covertly snuck back to Dallas and into his office or that MARINA OSWALD had a meeting with another HUNT aid. In later material, a letter is exposed written at a later date concerning an interview with MARINA OSWALD. The MARINA OSWALD visit to the HUNT offices just a few days after the assassination is both highly mysterious and highly suspicious as to exactly what was going on and why she was there.
H. L. HUNT had used a law firm by the name of Henry Baer-Wynne, McKenzie, Jaffe And Tinsley that had been located in the Southland Building in downtown Dallas. The is the same building that LEE HARVEY OSWALD had been observed in talking with CIA agent David Atlee Phillips by Antonio Veciana and two other witnesses. It is also the same law firm that both MARINA OSWALD and ROBERT OSWALD had used when they both testified before the Warren Commission.
John Bevilaqua added: The other information implicating both H.L. Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt, his son as accessories to the crime include the fact that Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby, Robert Morris' constant partner in crime worked directly for Hunt in Mozambique, shortly after being sacked by Truman near the close of the Korean War. Dick Russell 's unnamed informant implicated both Willoughby amd MacArthur in the JFK hit. Bruce Cumings in Origins of the Korean War related how Willoughby made the Hunts millionaires by giving them advance notice about the pending onset of The Korean War. They cornered the Futures Markets for Soybeans and when the supply dried up, their contracts soared in value. In addition Nelson Bunker Hunt and John Hurt's boss, a Draper crony, were on the Board of Directors of The Council For National Policy which was not afraid to perform political assassinations to advance their causes. This Draper crony was also identified by Roy Hargraves as the Dealey Plaza master mind. And another professor identified him as a suspect in the Freedom Riders murder investigation in Mississippi. The Hunts, Jesse Helms and the Drapers joined The Order of St. Lazarus in Scotland to advance the cause of Eugenics internationally as well. Robert Morris was also Edwin Walker's lawyer after his Ole Miss arrest and was about to be revealed by Gerry Hemming as a principal in the JFK hit to Nigel Turner but he reneged given 24 hours to reconsider. James Richards confirmed for me the relationship between Hargraves and the Draper crony whom I will be identifying soon as John Hurt's manager and mentor. Q.E.D. Mr. Bevilaqua is author of JFK - The Final Solution: Red Scares, White Power and Blue Death: Dawn Phase Fascism.
The Uncovered Letters In Relationship To HUNT Aids Monitoring The JFK Assassination
There are some letters pertaining To H. L. HUNT and the JFK Assassination that are in the record. These letters can be accessed online. The details of these letters and links to them are set out below.

On 08.25.2018 Ralph Thomas Located A Letter to Mr. Paul Rothermel Jr Dated 06.05.1969 from a Gary Schoenger
Rothermel had been director of security for H. L. HUNT. This letter mentions LEE BOWERS witness accounts. The letter then mentions a MOHAMMED REGGAB. The letter then states that a, drastic change in referring previous evaluations of Marina Oswald will be required.” The letter then states that DE MOHRENSCHILDT is, “probably CIA.” The letter then asks if any information has been developed on a “DR. JULIO CESAR FRENANDEZ.” The letter also keeps referring to a “HAROLD” will will be given information. You can obtain a copy of this letter by clicking here or by following the direct link below.
http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg ... %20092.pdf
The sentence in this letter that states, “drastic change in referring previous evaluations of Marina Oswald will be required,” is suspicious in that there is some reference from researchers and JOHN CURINGTON that H. L. HUNT had a meeting with MARINA OSWALD after the assassination.
MOHAMMED REGGAB had been a previous boyfriend Of MARINA. The document on him when compared to the most recently released documents on the subject tends to indicate a cover-up. A CIA document dated 11.26.1963 states that MOHAMMED REGGAB had been a foreigner in Russia who had dated MARINA OSWALD before she had dated LEE OSWALD. REGGAB stated that MARINA told him her goal was to marry a foreigner and get out of Russia as she did not have communist believes. REGGAB indicated that this was a common ploy used by the KGB to spy on foreigners but he did not see any evidence MARINA was involved with the KGB. This document shows a public release date of 01.24.1976. 2017 and 2018 document releases show sources stating that MARINA did work for the KGB and had been considered a honeypot that would spy on foreigners. Another 2017/2018 document release has a source that states OSWALD had been ordered to marry MARINA as part of his intelligence operation and fake defector program and bring her out of Russia. It is highly suspicious that the first document had been released in 1976 but the other two documents that state MARINA was a “shallow agent” for the KGB and that OSWALD had been ordered to marry her were kept from the American people for 54 years. This tends to reveal a smaller cover-up within the large cover-up. You can review this document by clicking here or following the direct link below.
https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.htm ... 1&tab=page
DR. JULIO CESAR FRENANDEZ had been a Cuban doctor who had rented an apartment from a Mrs. Hoover who had lived in Martinsburg, Pa. Mrs. Hoover had found some tickets and another piece of paper that had the names of JACK RUBY, LEE OSWALD and a name of a club. Mrs. Hoover had the tickets but not the note. Her daughter stated that the note did exist. Another source stated that Mrs. Hoover had some mental problems, the material had belonged to Mrs. Hoover’s son and the issue was then dropped. There did not appear to be any additional follow-up despite the fact that an additional source verified that the note had existed. There not not appear to be any follow-up with the son concerning the hand written note with the names of JACK RUBY and LEE OSWALD. You can obtain a copy of this document by clicking here or following the direct link below.
https://www.historymatters.com/archive/ ... E_3067.pdf
On 08.25.2018 Diane Olson Dowd Located The Following Strange Letter In The Record Concerning the Oltmans/De Mohrenschildt Affair
Diane Olson Dowd located the following which appears to be a letter written by an unknown party to a Mr. Paul Rothermel Jr at 202 South Ervay Bldg. #512, Dallas Texas 75201, dated 04.02.1977. You can obtain a copy of this document by clicking here or by following the direct link below.
http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg ... m%2001.pdf
This letter is a poor copy and very hard to read. Diane Olson Dowd has taken the time to retype this material which is set out below.

For the past three or four days I have been asked about the House Committee. I have been calling it the House Assassin Committee - and not in jest.
From the time of my first connection with it, I have felt it was not responsible, not really serious. It didn't take long for me to break off from it entirely.
I am shocked at what has happened this week. I do not know what the current score card in Dallas is now. I had expected to be there beginning yesterday, but developments in my FOI cases made it impossible. So I'm writing you with the Oltman's libels in mind in particular. I do not know if you are on a talking basis with the Hunt (?) of the DeMohrenschildt families but if either wants to try to do something I believe I can help.
I have proven negatives before.
You may recall when we met I was estranged at a similar libel. the one from which this one really stems as I think I can show.
The same is true of Lester Logue. I've never spoken with him, but I know the origins of that story and what was probably the Oltman DeMohrenschildt sources. The AP story is in error in saying Loren Hall is a Cuban exile. He is a mercenary. I got this Logue story from him in a series of three or four taped interviews in Feb. 1968. I have the tape and transcript somewhere.
In my view, the Hunts can do so much despite the privilege attached to testimony. Especially if they had ? work on it. I was not able to keep up with the conversation but I understand prior to the testimony, the airing was quite heavy.
There is no doubt in my mind that DeMohrenschildt’s suicide was triggered. I have a little bit of a track record of the so-called investigator of the House Committee who was applying pressure to DeMohrenschildt. I know much about the other character who was at least as responsible and he is not without official connections and other connections that in turn are connected to officialdom.
One interview with deM was part of a very large commercial deal.
My own view is that DeMohrenschildt was not involved in the assassination in any way and that his intelligence connections are irrelevant. I do not know if the time will come when it will not be answered that everything the intelligence agencies do is ipso facto wrong and they surely have done nothing to remove this taint but as we both know in today's world intelligence agencies remain necessary and their basic functions are not improper. Nor is helping in these basic functions.
If you keep me supplied with the Dallas coverage it will be very helpful
The clipping you sent me on deM hospitalization was good preparation.
Thanks much.
The record of this committee is so bad I think believing how bad may be impossible.It has done nothing to date that is not stolen, nothing that is relevant from an evidentiary base, it has refused to begin establishing the corpus delecti when offered it and it has not been able to read straight and steal accurately. It is a national disgrace. I could go on and on on this, that bad. Mark Lane, the worst of the whores and commercializers (I think that what it is) was almost made chief counsel this week. Imagine that! (He has a new commercialization in six figures with Dick Gregory. Both would die if they knew I had proofs. If the book appears there will be heavy litigation. It is an atrocity. I understand the proofs have been recalled. If I am correct in my hunch about the whys, the litigants will have a powerful ally). Please excuse the haste.
Best Wishes

On 08.26.2018 Ralph Thomas Located A Letter From Harold Wiesberg To Paul Rothermel Dated 01.02.1969.
This letter tends to confirm that the “Harold” Rothermel had mentioned in the previous letter had been Harold Wiesberg. You can obtain a copy of this letter by clicking here or by following the direct link below.
https://maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?do ... 2&tab=page
As referenced above, during the period of time JIM GARRISON was conducting an investigtion into the JFK assassinaton, there are letters written by Paul Rothermel that would indicate he had been monitoring the development concerning the evidence of the assassination and giving this evidence to HAROLD WEISBURG and in touch with GARRISON people. There is some evidence that would indicate that Rothermel had ties to the CIA. Researcher Ted Rubinstein and some other resesrchers indicated that H. L .HUNT was not very happy with some of the actions that had been taken by the CIA and didn’t like the agency very much. If this is the case and if Rothermel can be linked to the CIA, there is the possibility that the CIA had infiltrated H. L. HUNT and his businesses as it did the GARRISON INVESTIGATION. So the question must be asked, with all these links, behaviors and associations, is H. L. HUNT implicated in the JFK Assassination or was he being set up a a secondary patsy narrative in case the lone nut OSWALD legend blew up in someone’s face?
The links to prime suspects of the assassinaton to H. L. HUNT are significant. These links include a direct link to LEE HARVEY OSWALD with the hand written letter. A hard association with GENERAL EDWIN WALKER who proclamed in Los Angeles that an assassination of JFK was in the works can be made. Prime suspects LORAN HALL and LAWRENCE HOWARD, who had been proclaimed by WALKER to have been picked to help set OSWALD up as a patsy, can be linked to WALKER. Both HALL and HOWARD had been in contact with OSWALD and can be placed in Dallas, Texas. JACK RUBY can be placed having a meeting with WALKER before the assassinaton. MARINA OSWALD visited HUNT a few days after the assassination. H. L. HUNT can be associated with the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, the NATONAL STATES RIGHTS PARTY and the CHRISTIAN DEFENSE LEAGUE. There is evidence that all three of these organizations had meetings concerning an assassination of JFK. HUNT had hard ties to and associations with GENERAL CHARLES WILLOUGHBY who is a strong suspect as having involvement in the assassination. Minutes after the assassination, H. L. HUNT fled the country and ended up at a hideout ranch in Mexico with GENERAL EDWIN WALKER. One of HUNT’S aids had been sent to the Dallas City jail after OSWALD was arrested and before he had been murdered to check out the security. HUNT had some of his top aids investigating the assassination during the period of time that the GARRISON investigation in New Orleans had been conducted. As one of the richest men in the world, H. L. HUNT had a vast resource of funds to fund about any operation in the world. HUNT had a strong motive that involved millions of dollars in personal wealth to have JFK removed from the office of the President of the United States. There is some evidence from some sources that indicate that he had funded an operation to have JFK assassinated. However, there is also the possablity that he may have funded such an operation unwittingly as HUNT was known to pass out tens of thousands of dollars in cash to extreme right wing organizations in efforts to spead anit-Kennedy political propaganda. Other organizations may have used the associations, and links to H. L. HUNT that created a legend that HUNT had been the primary backer of the assassination in order to use him as a secondary and back-up patsy in case the orginial lone nut, lone gunman no conspiracy legend of OSWALD being the only shooter fell apart.
About Ralph Thomas: Thomas is the director of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists, past owner of the Spy Exchange And Security Center, past board member of a private intelligence agency and a retired prominent private investigator. He is known for his ablity to network with other prominent investigators and researchers to piece together evidence in complicated criminal investigations, civil investigations and covert intelligence operations. Thomas mixes old style street-wise investigative ability, new computer technology, the ability to network with others that cover a huge geographic area that includes almost any area in the free world with an uncanny ability to instantly spot deception in written documents and verbal communications based on a unique ability to analyze exact words humans use in their communication based on his lifetime of investigative experience and interviewing. Over the years, Thomas has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Orlando Sentinel, The Austin- American Statesmen, CBS News, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, CNN and other prominent news media outlets concerning some of his investigations. Thomas had also been a feature on the TV Program known as The Company which had been a program about CIA agents in which he presented side material on the show concerning covert equipment used in covert intelligence along with its history and development. He is author of over 60 books on various aspects of conducting investigations, covert intelligence operations and the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations. An avid history buff, he resides in the Austin, Texas area with his wife and two dogs named Shadow and Snitchit who he claims are the boss of his home domain.
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H.L. Hunt Interview, 1970 About 15 minutes
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H. L. Hunt's right wing radio show Life Line moves to Dallas, Texas
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Ralph Thomas Hello Teresa- are you any relations to a LESTER LOGUE of Dallas that had been in the oil business?

Teresa Logue Meeks Hey Ralph, I don't know. I was researching that a few days ago. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Ralph Thomas replied

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Steve Kasarsky Sounds like the "Dallas Gang" took care of JFK.

John Bevilaqua replied

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Ralph Thomas John Bevilaqua added: The other information implicating both H.L. Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt, his son as accessories to the crime include the fact that Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby, Robert Morris' constant partner in crime worked directly for Hunt in…See More

John Bevilaqua replied

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Ralph Thomas Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby https://www.facebook.com/notes/jfk-beyo ... 423844461/

Ralph Thomas Council for National Policy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_f ... nal_Policy

Council for National Policy - Wikipedia
Council for National Policy - Wikipedia

John Bevilaqua replied

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Ralph Thomas Roy Hargraves -http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKhargraves.htm

Roy Hargraves
Roy Hargraves

Ralph Thomas Freedom Riders murder investigation in Mississippi -https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Murders_of_Chaney,_Goodman...

Murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner - Wikipedia
Murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner - Wikipedia

Ralph Thomas -http://spartacus-educational.com/JFKhemming.htmGerry P. Hemming

Page Not Found - Spartacus Educational
Page Not Found - Spartacus Educational

Ralph Thomas Order of Saint Lazarus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Saint_Lazarus

Order of Saint Lazarus - Wikipedia
Order of Saint Lazarus - Wikipedia

John Bevilaqua Thank you Ralph for these supplemental postings from my comments. I will add one for The Pioneer Fund and Wickliffe Draper as well and Eugenics too.

John Bevilaqua https://www.theatlantic.com/.../jfk-vs- ... ry/309496/

JFK vs. the Military
JFK vs. the Military

John Bevilaqua https://www.google.com/search.....

wickliffe draper doug blackmon - Google Search
wickliffe draper doug blackmon - Google Search

Ralph Thomas Jeff Marzano posted on 08.27.2018 in the Facebook Group- JFK: Hands on Research- I don't know about Hunt but two other Texas oil guys who come up a lot with the JFK case are Sid Richardson and Clint Murchison. I think these two guys were very close but I may be mistaken.

Ralph Thomas Doug Stroup posted on 08.27.2018 in the Facebook Group - JFK-The Continuing Inquiry concerning this material - If you're looking at those who had something to gain by the assassination, Hunt is one of many just by virtue of the oil depletion allowance dollars that JFK had threatened and were now safely secured by the installation of the Texas Mud Puppy, LBJ.

Ralph Thomas Bill Benton wrote inside the Facebook Group page known as -Fair Play For Lee Harvey Oswald the following - Ralph...I must say that you gave me a chuckle. From my email message, I thought--at first glance--that your piece was featured on the "Fair Pla…See More

Ralph Thomas William Kelly wrote inside the Facebook Group page known as -Fair Play For Lee Harvey Oswald the following -See my book review of Currington's new book on Hunt at CAPA-US.org. - off of: https://capa-us.org/h-l-hunt-motive-opp ... ok-review/

Citizens Against Political Assassinations
Citizens Against Political Assassinations

Ralph Thomas Eric Merrill posted concerning this investigative note over on the JFK: Hands On Research group on 08.28.2018- "I dont have documentation but I read a real story, that even LHO went to the office of Hunt on two occasions, I believe? Not much more detai…See More

John Bevilaqua The Dear Mr. Hunt letter from Oswald was most likely sent to H.L. Hunt or Nelson Bunker Hunt since E. Howard Hunt never had a Texas address to my knowledge. Could Oswald have been paid by Hunt as his employee? Certainly.

Richard Nixon said, on his White House tapes, "it was the Burcher's and Big Oil who financed the assassination!!!
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