My message to Bruce Brychek and Jimmy Files

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My message to Bruce Brychek and Jimmy Files

Postby dankbaar » Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:54 am

Bruce, My comment is that you should mourn and herald this great President like everbody else as Trump and Clinton. His greatest accomplishment was that he managed to keep Jimmy’s and your mouth shut even in death.

I say that as Jimmy’s best friend, you should get him in the main stream media. Instead of fooling around with his artwork on Ebay and poor promotion of Pam’s book, lecturing me how I should market him. That is only pathetic. I can arrange it, but only with yours and Jimmy’s consent. I am getting tired of your fatalistic bullshit. It’s an excuse to hide behind! You are his friend since the sixties? But you don’t help him to make his story known? For which he sacrificed half his life? You don’t wanna rock the boat? How is Jimmy doing? Is he still kicking? Or dementing? The time is NOW, Bruce! While he is still alive and able to do interviews. Then he will also sell books, DVDs and artwork. If not for him, for his friends and loved ones. Take your responsibilty and wake up!


PS: I love you anyway Bruce, with your irish temper. No wonder your birthday card was about Ireland.

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