Is the proof hiding in plain sight?

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Is the proof hiding in plain sight?

Postby Chris Reiss » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:08 pm

Hi all, I'm a frequent writer on Quora - I recently put up this theory (pardon the cross-post.)

TLDR; There's an additional clue in the Zapruder indicating a shock wave from an exploding bullet fired from the grassy knoll.

I wonder what you guys think - I personally have no experience with mercury fulminate in bullets - curious to hear if you think this theory holds up.

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Who assassinated President John F. Kennedy?

Not Oswald. The kill-shot came from in front of the car. The strongest evidence for this has been hiding in plain sight, all this time, going mostly unnoticed and unmentioned in the Zapruder film.

Here’s the slowed down, stabilized Zapruder film (warning : graphic violence.)

I’m sure you’ve seen this before. Only this time, don’t watch Kennedy. Watch all four people in front of him : Governor Connelly, his wife, the driver and the guy riding shot-gun. Use your peripheral vision to see the instant the killshot hits Kennedy, but focus on these other four at 0:22 (time is greatly slowed here.)

At 0:22 the kill-shot hits Kennedy’s head. Everyone in front of Kennedy is thrown forward by the blast. In less than 2/10 of a second real-time, all four hit the dash or barrier in front of them. But Jackie doesn’t move at all.

Now that you know what to look for, it might be easier to see in real time, at 0:12 -

You might think the driver was startled and slammed the brakes (contrary to his training - which is to hit the gas in case of attack), but human reaction time to being audibly startled is 0.17 sec, so he would not even have the brake pedal down by 0.20, when the guys in front are already hitting the dashboard. And Jackie would have been thrown forward as well.

So if it’s not the brakes, what was it? An explosive bullet. It’s an old gangster trick. You drill out some of the lead at the tip of the bullet, and fill it with something like mercury fulminate - an explosive sometimes used as a primer. But any similar explosive will do.

The advantage to gangsters is that it increases the kill power and most critically destroys the bullet, so it can’t be traced to your rifle. And, um, can’t be proven not to be from another rifle.

The four people in front of Kennedy are hit by a shock wave from the exploding shell. Kennedy’s head shields Jackie from the blast so she alone doesn’t move. Kennedy’s head is thrown backward.

This is explained - and really, only explained by an explosive shell striking Kennedy in the right-front of his head (and more to the side than to the front). Which means an assassin somewhere in the direction of the “grassy knoll”.

Here’s a Myth Busters clip about the explosive power of mercury fulminate. This shows 5 grams detonated, a bullet could probably hold 2, so about 1/2 the bang shown here. So half of the explosion demonstrated in the clip appears about the right magnitude to cause the effect in the Zapruder film.

Finally, and I have no idea if this guy is telling the truth, but a mafia hitman by the name of James Files has publically stated that he was the shooter on the grassy knoll, using a “Fireball” with “mercury bullets”. He claims he was a backup shooter, and had orders to fire only if Kennedy appeared alive and only if he could do so without risking hitting Jackie.

(‘Fireball’ refers to the cartridge made for the Remington XP-100 pistol Remington XP-100, released in early 1963, that offered the accuracy of a rifle but at only a foot long could be easily concealed.)

I don’t know if Files is telling the truth, is a very good liar, or some carefully planted bit of misdirection.

But I am pretty sure that whoever fired that fatal shot was not Oswald, was at ground level to the right and front of the motorcade.

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Re: Is the proof hiding in plain sight?

Postby Dealey Joe » Fri Oct 26, 2018 1:33 am

I believe Mercury would have to be encapsulated separately in the lead, otherwise they would amalgam. Unless an iron bullet was used. I think one small drop of mercury would be like an atomic explosion in the human brain. IMHO.
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