Richard Sprague,lead investigator for the House Select comm

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Richard Sprague,lead investigator for the House Select comm

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:32 am

I was so glad to see the last post by Phil Dragoo concerning Gordon Novell.Finally we can all get back to the down to earth investigation of President Kennedy's assassination.One size fits all does not fit in this case or any unsolved case. Top down bottom up side ways it's going to take a combination of all this to get us to some kind of resolution in this case.The big dog was ready to be turned loose and nose out what the real facts were and we were finally at the point in time when we almost had a chance to finally uncover what really happened .Richard Sprague was poised and ready to finally open the flood gates of truth.But as always our government stepped in and silenced what was going to happen.Time funding all excuses to stop the truth.In our investigation we found a very interesting private letter from Richard Sprague to Willem Oltmans. In the letter Sprague tells Oltmans that he firmly believes his investigation concerning de Mohrenschildt is credible and that Oltmans was indeed very close to what had really happened behind the scenes in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Richard Sprague in his letter suggest that there was a very real possibility that George de Mohrenschildt had been mind programmed .In the last months of 1976 de Mohrenschildt had been signed into Parkland Hospitals Psychiatric Ward for treatments for depression . In those treatments which included intro vinous medications and a series of electroshock treatments .The intro vinous medications were ordered and administered by newly hired Dr. Charles Mendoza. And the Electro shock treatments were administered by Dr. Deloach who was first cousin to former FBI assistant director Cartha “Deke” Deloach.

In the Sprague letter which was in a hand written form he tells of an expert that he located while still investigating the case for the House Select Committee in mind control programming .Saying there was a high probability that George de Mohrenschildt had been mind programmed and pointed out that in the last months of de Mohrenschildt's life he showed all the classic symptoms of post hypnotic suggestions ..He speculated that the intro vinous medications would have been used to drug de Mohrenschildt so he could be easily hypnotized using a mind control program. The electric shock treatments were given to produce pain and a negative sort of effect to penalize de Mohrenschildt for having thoughts they didn't want him to have or to remember. While still in Dallas de Mohrenschildt showed all the symptoms of mind programming. His fear of being killed was one ,his belief that he was being followed and watched was another. That was reinforced by actually having him followed and watched. The next door neighbor who was constantly watching him and his car being mysteriously moved around the Bishop College campus. The purpose of this part of the mind control program was to make de Mohrenschildt appear crazy. He was programmed with the fear that he would be killed. In Oltmans notes Willem records how incredible scared and shaken de Mohrenschildt seemed after he had been discharged from the Parkland Hospital .Recording several times that de Mohrenschildt appeared to be drugged. Shaking scared , almost unrecognizable Oltmans told. The notes revealed that de Mohrenschildt had stated that “they are trying to ruin my memory”.They don't want me to tell what I know. And in the end right before Oltmans and de Mohrenschildt leave the United States for Europe de Mohrenschildt begs Oltmans to help him get out of the United States before they kill him.The rest is history as we all know it.It's this kind of research that tells us all here that there is no one kind of approach to this case.There is no top down bottom up or what ever you want to call it .It's researching studying digging finding absorbing from others what they find and uncover.I wonder what Richard Sprague would have thought about a top down ONLY approach to finding the real truth in this murder case ??
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Re: Richard Sprague,lead investigator for the House Select c

Postby Slav » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:13 am

Great info Tommy keep it coming, new info
Who shot JFK - Files, Nicoletti,Roselli, Jack Lawrence, Frank Sturgis, Roscoe White, and a few others
Who shot MLK- police officer Frank Strausser.
Who shot RFK - Thane Caesar
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