Urgent for Bruce and Pamela

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Urgent for Bruce and Pamela

Postby dankbaar » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:46 am

Some misunderstandings are going on in the Q&A section of the site here, that need to be cleared up quickly:

http://jfkmurderjamesfiles.weebly.com/j ... ames-files

The questions by Hal Loflin concern the picture of "shadow man".


Hi Pamela/James: I would like to know if Jimmy walked straight down the Elm Street extension behind the Pergola and in front of the TSBD when he left? From watching his interviews and reading your book (yes, I bought it when you published it) I believe he did. I believe that the "Shadow Man" pictures are JF. On one of my many trips to Dallas I used my cell phone to trace what I thought were his steps and it took 2:31 seconds to get to the side of the DalTex building. Here is the video I took. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73K4xym ... e=youtu.be

Thanks for your response. Hal

James Files: Thank you Hal for your questions and interest. When I left the fence area, I was by the Pergola and the pictures could not be of me in what people call "Shadow Man" because they depict someone walking in FRONT not in the REAR of the white structure. I took the back side exit due to less foot traffic and fewer cops that were gathering on the front side of the grassy knoll.

First of all it obvious that James misunderstands what picture is being talked about. He seems to think it is about a picture showing a man in front of the concrete pergola structure.

What JF Is trying to explain that he walked to the car at the Daltex BEHIND the pergola structure over the dead end street in front of the TSBD building.

reply #2 Hal Loflin2/10/2018 04:09:22 pm
Thanks for your reply James. So when you left the picket fence you went behind the TSBD building to get to the car parked at the DalTex building?
James Files: Yes, I went behind the TSBD building to get to the car.

Unwittingly Hoflin and JF add to the confusion by mistakenly stating that he went behind the TSBD building where JF actually means behind the pergola structure. If he really means behind the TSBD building, it would contradict what he always said before. Moreover it would not be possible to go to the Daltex by route behind the TSBD building, because there was a fence there with a locked gate. Or maybe JF means that from his perspective the car was parked behind the TSBD building.

Chauncey Holt: Our alternate plan was to deliver the forged documents to Homer in the parking lot behind Dealey
Plaza. We had master keys to the Chevrolet pickup and we also had a key to the padlock on the gate that locked the section of the parking lot used by the Dallas Police Department and the Sheriff’s department.


2003 interview:

Q: How did you exit the plaza?
A: When I exited the plaza, I walked to the edge of the stockade fence, I did not walk down the steps, I walked back over, crossed the grass to the dead end street that ends there by the parking lot and I proceeded to, I believe that's Houston, crossed Houston, went into the Dal-Tex parking lot. When I got into the car, Mr. Nicoletti was already in the car and so was Johnny Roselli. I got in the car and drove away.

In the interview , Jim Marrs and I showed JF the picture of "shadow man".

J – Put your glasses back on. Is there any chance that is you off the wall back there?

W – I have a blowup here! This would be probably 50 seconds after …

JF – (looking at pictures) Looking at that, I couldn’t say it’s me, but I’m saying you can see somebody there, basically speaking. It could have been.

J – Is that the direction you took? Did you walk back towards the depository?

JF – Yeah, right! I went in that direction.

J – And there was nobody around you even at that point?

JF – At that point there’s nobody around me. I’m not letting anybody get close to me at that point. Because like I say, somebody might try to grab me, they might want to pull a gun on me, I’m looking at people , aah.. somebody turns around, if they make the wrong move, if I see somebody pulling a weapon, they are going to be shot. If I see somebody aah …

J – This is … there’s a little retaining wall, and right on the other side there is a sidewalk and on there is a little I don’t know, like a garden patch, a little flower garden in that road, that little road that runs in front of the depository …

JF – Right! That’s the one that comes into the dead end down here? Yeah, that’s the one.

J – And that’s right were you were walking?

JF – That’s right where I was walking!

I recommend to clear up this confusion at once.
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Re: Urgent for Bruce and Pamela

Postby Bob » Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:20 am

This is the photo Wim is referring to:


In the far right, you see the man (Jimmy Files) is walking behind the white structure, not in front. On the curb you see "walkie talkie man", who many of us believe is Orlando Bosch. Next to him is "umbrella man."
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