Five Daughters

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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Five Daughters

Postby dankbaar » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:56 am

Robert Buick: To you and only I am going to give you an exclusive, this morning I had a conference call with Jimmy and Bruce while Pam was preparing them a fantastic brunch. And Jimmy with his humor is one kick in the ass , who constantly breaks me up with his satire humor, but what is ironic is that his humor is always in conjectured with truth, and that is a rare quality.

Karyn: I don't think anyone understands truly being a family member and how it affects us. Just the recent post about Siegal has me now inundated with private messages. It's exhausting. Its true...but creates so much trouble for me. I tend to try not to bring attention. If I were to have shared this topic then "my bad"...but i didnt. I keep my stuff close now, or sure as shit try. Others just post freely to get a reaction. Well, that reaction is placed on me. I don't think any consideration is given there to the family.

Wim: I have told the Siegel story many times before. So I don’t understand why you are overwhelmed with private messages or why it would be exhausting. You could just anwer: There is nothing to add to Wim’s post. Or: Read my father’s book: Self Portrait of a Scoundrel. Chauncey himself had no issue with admitting that he was assigned the Siegel job by Meyer. At least not to his inner circle. In fact he explains that Meyer pleaded for Bugsy’’s life, as his lifelong pal. But Meyer’s hands were tight. The order was given by Luciano’s Commission in Havana. Siegel just did not understand he could not rob his friends. He signed his own death warrant by saying: The Flamingo is mine, you can shove it! The message that Chauncey is giving to his readers, is clear: “While alive, I wil maintain some plausible denial , but I’ll give you some details that only the assassin would know. You figure it out!” You really think that Chauncey would take offense with me saying it now? You really think he wanted to keep it a secret?

Chauncey earned his trusted position with the “chairman of the board” as problem solver. Like Charles Nicolletti did with Sam Giancana. Like James Files did with David Atlee Phillips. Mind you, a government man. Talking about ‘bad guys’. Chauncey does not make a real secret either of his first problem solving capacity with Mr. Kyte in Tampa. “He was found in the surf with “a pea in his head”, 500 yards from my beach cabin”. In one of your interviews, you ask him about Siegel: Did you do it? The way he denies it, speaks volumes. It’s the same as saying: You’re my daughter and a smart girl! How can you even ask him this question if you did not already know?

Karyn: As for money, Wim has lost a lot of money. No doubt. He won't ever recoup what he has put in this. It is a passion and goal to expose things he feels is crucial. I get that....but... I've lost oodles too. I will pass on that debt. ....But a big difference here is that I didn't decide to pursue this quest - just have been forced to defend it. Year after year. Actually decades. I've been taken advantage of to no end and gave my health and much more to a cause I didn't decide to pursue but forced to be in the middle of.

Wim: Thank you for confirming that I lost, not make money in my quest to bring you Americans the truth. Yeah, I feel exposing these things is crucial. But sometimes I think the american public don’t really care. They are just too stupid as a mass. I would have never done it, had I known the result. I think I can shake your father a posthume hand on that. Can we agree to disagree on the rest? Why did your father ask you to put his life story on record, knowing he had not much time left? Did he not die within a month? Did he ask you to do nothing with it? Did I not loan you 100 grand to script a documentary based on your interviews and documents of your father? Like you did for Spooks, Hoods, and the Hidden Elite? You see, Karyn, how and why he died is a story by itself. He could not tell that. You can! And you did. To me. “Shit, this spoils everything”, remember? Is it painful to tell it? Then so be it! Please don’t tell me that the burden weighs too heavy on your shoulders now. "This is not for me , this is not for you, this is for the american public and my little grandaughter out there".

The story about Albert Anastasia was also a good one. And actually funny. It tells a lot about your father’s sense of humor. Why did you give only me that privilege?

Karyn: I love my dad. Nobody else loves him. They may be interested, or claim to respect him, or other comments I have heard...but I love him. If truly respected I would not have been tossed into the lion's den. It's maddening. Sometimes I can't crawl in a hole deep enough to wrap my thoughts around what I want to learn. Just take in a breath. I've finally reached a sense of normal. I like normal.

Wim: I will not say I love him, but I do respect him deeply. Like I do James Files for the same reasons. I can’t help their lives and careers were not ‘normal’. Nor can you, Cindy, Shawnn, Kerrie, Kathy....

Chauncey Holt: “I have waited a long time to discuss some of these adventures, until the heat died down and the statutes of limitation expired. But even today, these subjects are still dangerous - I know. This story should be told for several reasons: A desire to set the record straight and inform the public of how recklessly their money is being squandered by those in positions of trust; to correct the record in regard to the bum raps certain parties received; to expose the fact that our criminal justice system is morally bankrupt; and to show how easily the secret agendas of the executive branch of the government become perverted. I have made a concerted effort to see that this is not one more of self serving books and I offer no apologies for my actions although, of course, I have many regrets.”

Karyn: And....nobody gets it. Just now a rehash of "It's your duty" to expose this horrible event.... or can I ask you just one question. It's NEVER just one! Seriously? How and when did I sign up for this? You are spot on that the feelings on this subject greatly differ for those not involved. We could say it a thousand times and I don't think it would be understood. So, I hear ya, sister...loud and clear.

Wim: Blame me for a lack of empathy. I am fine with that. Girls, my heart is stone cold! I think Kathy, another daughter of James, just signed up to join the discussion. The more the merrier.
The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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