The feisty daughter of James Files

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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The feisty daughter of James Files

Postby dankbaar » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:48 pm

Shawnn Tischauser: Would someone please boot Harry Morgan from this page?! He doesn't even have enough common sense to lie well. When my dad went to prison, the technology then was beepers. Not even cell phones. So Harry wants to try to convince people that my dad became instantly tech savy when he was released from prison and tried to friend him?!!! Get a life Harry! You are the biggest idiot I have ever encountered! My dad isn't even friends with me! Freakin Moron!!!!

Wim Dankbaar
Sorry Wim, I did not mean to lie. I just wanted to say that father-daughter goes way beyond friendship. You're right, we are no friends, but much more.

Shawnn Tischauser:
I meant he isn't friends with me on any social media!

Shawnn Tischauser: Let me just add, that I don't hardly ever say anything on this page. Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. But when you come on here and blatantly lie, you bet im gonna call your dumbass out on it!

Wim Dankbaar:
But he loves you more than anyone else. I am just glad you stick up for him. It means more than Robert Buick or Bruce. Finally, I have got you where I want. The daughter of James Files, allying with me, venting her frustration with the assholes. I have done that for the last 15 years. You see Shawnn, you are his flesh and blood! He did not tell you :I just made up a story for 15 minutes of fame, did he? Or better said: 15 more years in jail! Do you understand your importance as the daughter of James Files? Do you understand whatever you say about him is much more believable than what I say?

Shawnn Tischauser: No, I dont.

Do you understand now, Shawnn?

Karyn Harcourt Holt, daughter of Chauncey Holt. Tells that her father asked her to tape his story shortly before he died, because he felt the american public had a right to know the truth and to vindicate Lee Harvey Oswald. "This is not for me , this is not for you, this is for the american public and my little grandaughter out there".

Tell your father this: Dad, Wim says you have a narrow mind. You just told your story because you liked Joe West, and wanted to help out his widow with the medical bills. Do you really not see the bigger picture, dad?

Are you not the same as Chauncey Holt? Yes you are!

A: Lee Harvey Oswald...everybody plays him up to be a nut job and everything else but the man was very intelligent...had a very high I.Q. He was very quiet...self centered...Lee Harvey Oswald was not a boaster, he was not a party man...he didn't run around drinking or ""cabareting" or none of those things....Lee Harvey Oswald led a very close and self secluded life....people lot of times...what they've said about him is totally untrue.
Q: What do you think his part was in that plaza that day, Jimmy?
A: I think his plot was to plant evidence to mislead everybody. I don't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald had any inkling that his life was in any danger whatsoever.
Q: How many shots do you think he fired?
A: Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot.
Q: How do you know he didn't fire a shot?
A: I just don't believe he would. Lee Harvey much as they proclaimed him to be an assassin and a killer...I don't believe he was....Even in the Marine Corps...he had a small scar up above his lip that he got hit with a rifle stock...he took a small scar in there....Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't the type of person to go running around and kill anybody.

A: I never paid that much attention to it...he never fired a weapon around me. We never sit down....we never wrote any letters together....when he drove....they say he couldn't drive but Lee Harvey Oswald could drive...he didn't have a driver's license maybe but the man could drive...hell, he drove military trucks even....and let's face it....anybody working...anybody that has been working at of America's spy bases...especially like in Japan where he was at....there's no way this country is going to give them a visa to go anywhere near Russia...they photograph every man going in and out of the embassy in Mexico...all your embassies are watched....we watch them they watch us....back then...even today...they've never stopped watching each other. Nobody runs into another embassy without being spotted right away. They're under constant surveillance. And if you had a top secret clearance like Lee Harvey Oswald did, you just don't jump on a plane and fly off to a foreign country especially to a communist country unless somebody engineered it and set it up for you to go to give disinformation. Why Lee Harvey Oswald went to Russia, I'll never know and personally I never asked him when I knew him. They used to have an old saying curiosity killed the cat. All my life, I've never been curious. I've never asked people who they're dealing with or what they've done.
Q: What do you feel about your place in history?
A: I don't even want to be remembered in history.
Q: Why?
A: For what? I'm nobody. I'm nobody special...
Q: You're the man that killed John F. Kennedy....
A: Not necessarily...I hit him in the front...he was shot in the back also...I was just one of the two men....But other figures have been killed.....other political people in other countries have been killed....we've had gangsters killed here in this country...I never chose the people to be killed. Somebody else selected John F. Kennedy to be killed. Whether its a politician to be killed or whether it was a mob figure to be killed...I never chose the figures....somebody else said they was wrong said they did wrong....just followed the orders.

Hey dad, Don't you ever say again you're nobody special! I think you're special! And so does Wim! Maybe for other reasons. Wim just thinks you are a hero for telling the truth, that has costed you 15 years more in jail!

JF – My impression of Lee Harvey Oswald? Lee Harvey Oswald was a very quiet type of person, secluded, very private. Mind-own mannered, you might say, there wasn’t one day, he didn’t do a lot of boasting or bragging, he didn’t do a lot of cavalrying, what he did he kept for himself. Lee Harvey Oswald as far as I’m concerned, I liked the guy. Very intelligent, very intelligent! When we got into certain subjects … I mean he could make me look like a dummy. Let’s face it!

J – So he was a lot better educated than uh….

JF – Oh, he was a lot better educated than what people say. Lee Harvey Oswald, he had very good self-control, because …. he had a little scar upon his lip and I asked him one time how he got it and he told me it was in the Marine Corps. Somebody hit him with the butt of a rifle up here … and I thought … I said “You must have ripped their guts out, or ripped their ass off!” “ No”, he said. “I didn’t do that.” I said “What do you mean?” “No, it was an accident. I didn’t even get upset about it,” But that’s the type of person he was. He was calm, he was collect.

W- Capable of killing someone?

JF No ! … Lee Harvey Oswald … well, everybody is capable of killing somebody, let’s face it. If you’ve got your back to the wall. But as far as Lee Harvey Oswald a killer? No, he wasn't an assassin, no!

J – Do you think the American public really wants to know the truth of the Kennedy Assassination?

JF – Oh, I don’t think they really do. I don’t think they really care. But one more thing about Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey Oswald, and I say he wasn’t a killer and anything like that, Lee Harvey Oswald, he had it all up here (pointing at head). Very very intelligent. I want to say: He had a good IQ. And he held a top secret security clearance. And there is another thing I’d like to state to get on record. They talk about Lee Harvey Oswald and this and that, and him running off to the Russians. The only way that Lee Harvey Oswald could have gone to Moscow, he held a top secret security clearance when he was on the base in Japan, he held a top secret security clearance and people can go check this anyway, and the days of the Cold War, you did not jump on a plane and fly to a communist country and I don’t care who you was, you had to be cleared for it. The only people who could have engineered that for him to go to Moscow, was the CIA. And the Russians were so scared of Lee Harvey Oswald over there, not fearful of what he would do to them, they knew what was going down. They gave him a place to stay and he wound up marrying Marina over there. And they were so happy to put him back on a plane and send him back to the US.

JF – Well, when it comes to giving somebody up, I have never given up anybody in my life. I am not gonna put anybody in prison. And as a matter of fact, you probably couldn’t get the FBI to admit to it, but when a couple of their people forced their way into Stateville, I was offered all kinds of deals and all kinds of agreements, if I would not give an interview on John F. Kennedy before. You know, I told them to do what they gotta do. They did, sorry to my regret, but the thing is this: I’m not gonna give anybody up, I’m not gonna put nobody in prison. I have never went to court and testified against anybody. And I have got a lot of deals offered in my time, I have told them to put me in jail. I went to jail, I’ve had cops tell me this and that. You know, we’re gonna lock you up, we’ve got you dead bang! I’ve had prosecutors come in and tell me: You’re dead coal! Plead guilty!
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