New Orleans reality

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New Orleans reality

Postby Frank Lee » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:33 pm

As we follow the action we must realize that each step Oswald takes in New Orleans could never have been taken without sanction and direction from the authorities and personalities that were singularly in control of directing and coordinating anti-Castro activities at that time. This is a fact beyond serious, reasonable debate. Denying this is equally as absurd as to deny that Oswald was thoroughly debriefed in Europe after the Russian gambit. Extremely lame and totally unbelievable.

One month after his arrival in the town where Carlos Bringuier is in charge of the local DRE (Directorio Revolucionario Estudantil), and David Phillips is in charge of running all DRE operations, the Alleged Assassin orders FPCC handbills and begins to publicly pass them out in the heart of the intelligence community. As soon as Oswald’s FPCC connections are publicly established, the pro vs. anti-Castro segment of the drama kicks into gear featuring the Oswald/Bringuier confrontations. It’s somewhere way south of totally impossible that Oswald has not been tasked to do this by David Philips who is in charge of running FPCC counterintelligence and operations to discredit the organization both domestically and internationally. On one occasion before he left for New Orleans, Oswald passed out FPCC literature in a Dallas shopping mall. We know Phillips using his company name Maurice Bishop met with Oswald in Dallas in early September. Phillips frequented Dallas, his brother lived in Dallas and Bishop/Phillips must have met with Oswald before he was dispatched to New Orleans to pursue Phillips’ agenda. Although we know neither the dates nor the number of the unwitnessed meetings, we may rest assured that they did take place. Oswald was the puppet, Phillips the puppeteer.
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