JFK at 100

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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JFK at 100

Postby John Zeroski » Fri May 26, 2017 10:55 pm

Article by Paul Craig Roberts at the Lew Rockwell website.
Roberts has been writing quite a few articles these days, all pertinent to the current political situation.

http://www.lewrockwell.com/2017/05/paul ... fk-at-100/

He claims JFK was a true cold warrior, but anyone who has looked over the president's 1960
published book The Strategy of Peace might disagree with him on this point.

Also, he claims LBJ was not involved in any way in the assassination, but anyone who has
read enough knows this cannot possibly be true.

But the last sentence is true, and the last four words, "and terminated American democracy"
appears to me to be accurate. It appears odd to me that a person holding such a catastrophic
view of the effects of the assassination should not be more knowledgeable about some of the
more important material that any lay person could know at this point in time.

Another commentator who ought to know better is Patrick Buchanan, whose views on the assassination
can be found in his paper A Long History of Leftist Hatred.

In this paper is a long one-sentence paragraph beginning with "As radical anarchists"
and ending with "Communist Oswald, who had tried to shoot General Edwin Walker before killing JFK".

Makes no sense to me.

http://www.unz.com/pbuchanan/a-long-lef ... st-hatred/
Also to be found by googling.
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