Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

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Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:14 pm

In some of the personal notes in Willem Oltmans archives in The Netherlands we found this account of George de Mohrenschildt's confession of his involvment in John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Walking slowly into the college library George leads Willem to a empty far corner table .On this spot on February 23,1977 in the Zale Library on the Bishop College campus in two plain wooden chairs and a simple wooden table surrounded by book cases filled with books for young learning minds history would finally be told on this quit little spot. Leaning in closely with a tired weathered look with tears welling in both light blue eyes George de Mohrenschildt would tell Willem Oltmans in a soft shaken voice ,”Willem I feel responsible for the actions of Lee Harvey Oswald. And because of that direction I was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. What do you think will happen to me if I admit this ? I am very fearful of going to prison how can you help me to tell the truth but avoid prison ? I directed Lee Oswald and he followed my directions. In an almost trembling voice George says,we discussed how the assassination should be set up. Saying, Lee and I talked many many times of murdering John F. Kennedy and how it should be done..

In those brief few seconds it took George to set history right to fill in the long missing pieces concerning the assassination it seemed time just stood still at that small corner table.Both men sat in total silence. Why are you just now telling me this Oltmans ask's ?I trust you George would say. It is now time that I tell the truth. The whole world already writes scandalous things about me .It is now time I tell the truth. In a very sad and soft spoken voice George de Mohrenschildt says,Willem my wife has left me and will never return ,Bishop College has informed me my contract will not be renewed, I am 65 years old .I am at the end of a long way .Dropping his head and in a sad shaken voice George says .It's now time to tell the truth.Willem Oltmans personal notes told of this confession and meeting on February 23,1977.In this same meeting de Mohrenschildt told Oltmans that the Jewish Mafia was out to get him and had been for years and he was scared for his life.Within weeks de Mohrenschildt was dead.
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Re: Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

Postby JDB4JFK » Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:20 pm

Wow Tommy that's some heavy stuff there. So did Oltman go on in his letters to tell how George help Lee be the patsy, and did he think Lee was possibly involved. Also did he clarify who this Jewish mafia was???

The more and more I learn about Oswald the more complex he becomes!
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Re: Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:54 pm

Thanks for the reply JDB4JFK...Indeed it is some very heavy stuff..One of the things that hit us once we found theses notes and files and letters revealing this confession was that there hidden away over 6 thousand miles away from the United States..Just days before Oltman's death he made preparations that his files and private notes and his meticulously detailed diaries were saved and stored in a climate controlled safe location..His last wish was that just possible just maybe one day someone would come along and take a second look at his findings concerning his 10 year JFK assassination investigation and his intimate 10 year long friendship with George de Mohrenschildt..That is just what we have done..And we have come away convinced beyond any doubt that George de Mohrenschildt was a major influence on the actions that took place on November 22,1963 in Dallas Texas and the murder of John .F. Kennedy. JDB4JFK what we found concerning of Oswald's involvement was that de Mohrenschildt had schooled the young Oswald on how to set the plot up and not be a shooter.Complete deniability from start to finish.Just the way the old school spy deMohrenschildt had done for years.In a letter we found from de Mohrenschildt to Oltmans old George says "Lee would have done anything I asked him to do .He would have killed John Kennedy had I instructed him to do so. de Mohrenschildt spoke of his great influence he had over the young Lee Oswald.Concerning the Jewish Mafia that de Mohrenschildt spoke of it seemed he mentioned several times how he feared the Jewish underworld and that they wanted him dead.He tracked it back to his early days working with the German Nazi's. He particularly hated one well known Jewish attorney from Washington D.C. In a letter we found from Washington D.C. Attorney Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald.The letter was dated June 24,1969 Well known in the Washington D.C legal circles Fensterwald thru the 1960's was the chief Council for the Senate Judiciary Committee.In 1969 Fensterwald along with Richard Sprague founded the private “Committee to Investigate Assassinations”.This committees primary goal was to investigate the John F. Kennedy assassination.

In the letter to Oltmans Fensterwald expresses interest in meeting George de Mohrenschildt and could Oltmans arrange a time and a meeting . And if at all possible could he listen to the tape recorded interviews with the de Mohrenschildts.

Telling Oltmans that he is more and more convinced that George de Mohrenschildt is a key figure in a conspiracy and plot that was orchestrated to assassinate John F. Kennedy. And for that reason it was so important for him to hear the recording.

The Oltmans notes revealed that Fensterwald made at least four contacts with Oltmans and in each of these contacts he urged that he be allowed to listen to the recordings that had been made . And continued to ask for a personal meeting with George.

At one point telling Willem “your the only one” . Your the one person in the world Willem who holds the key to unraveling the plot that killed John F. Kennedy due to your close and intimate personal relationship with George de Mohrenschildt.
On March 3,1975 Oltmans contacts George and mentions the correspondence that he has had with Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald and his connections with the Committee to Investigate Assassinations. Alarmed and concerned with this development George becomes very angry and in an angry tone tells Oltmans to never allow this man to hear the interview recordings and said in a loud voice “I will never meet with this Fucking Jew”

Now George in a noticeable scared and defensive tone talked about the 1500 US trained Cuban's that had been captured in the Bay of Pigs invasion and how in the heat of the battle the Kennedy's had cowardly abandoned them and left them to be captured and imprisoned by Castro .

Finally traded for there freedom for 68 million dollars in medical supplies and medications that Robert Kennedy helped to negotiate by sending New York attorney Robert J. Donovan to Havana.

The Kennedy brothers let the 1500 Cubans into the United States and each and everyone of them would have gladly volunteered for nothing to have killed both the Kennedy's George would say. When you read these letters and notes you are left with no doubt that George de Mohrenschildt hated the Kennedy's with a great passion and despised John F. Kennedy .
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Re: Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

Postby JDB4JFK » Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:13 pm

So base on your research of the Oltmans research and The DeMohrenschildt writings, Oswald knew he was going to be the patsy, and was complicit in the assassination??? I mean if he wasn't, but he knew that they were going to try and assassinate Kennedy didn't he get suspicious when he found out the parade route was running right next to the building he worked in??? I mean according to Judith Baker, Oswald was trying to prevent the assassination. I think sitting inside drinking a coke is a funny way of trying to prevent an assassination!

Your thoughts on Oswald?
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Re: Confession at Zale Library Bishop College Dallas Texas

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:10 pm

No JDB4JFK I do not believe Lee Oswald thought he was being set up to be the patsy .

After researching many many different theories and different scenarios over the many years of my research I have have pieced together the most likely scenario of what really happened.Or at least my personal take on this event. This theory can never be proven but it can also never be disproved and is strictly conjecture. Strong evidence points the finger that Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact an Intelligence Operative for the United States Central Intelligence Agency and was an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) had been recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency while still in the United States Marine Corps .His mission was to enter the Soviet Union and the ultra secret Soviet Society at the heart of the cold war. His assignment was to gather information on the domestic conditions and life in general within the Soviet Union. .Leaving for the Soviet Union only two days after his hardship discharge from the United States Marine Corps was the first red flag that something was in the works. The reason given for his hardship discharge was to return to his home to take car of an ailing Mother. But within 48 hours he is on his way to the Soviet Union. It should also be remembered that Lee Oswald had been given Russian speaking training classes while in the Marine Corps. Years after the collapse of the Soviet Union KGB records that were finally released revealed the strong belief that Lee Oswald was in fact some form of a intelligence operative for the United States intelligence agency. The second red flag was Oswald's swift departure from the Soviet Union with a Soviet bride and a new born daughter in tow. Several Soviet citizens who had befriended the Oswald's called there fast exit just unbelievable With travel money supplied by the United States State Department the Oswald's relocated to the Dallas Fort worth area of Texas. In this scenario Oswald is not a communist sympathizer. He is a trained Unites States Intelligence Operative who's next mission was to infiltrate The Fair Play For Cuba Committee .The Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) was an activist group set up in April of 1960 .The FPCC's purpose was to provide support for the Cuban revolution and against attacks by the United States government. Oswalds role is believed to have been to penetrate and destroy the credibility and the influence of the committee. Under this scenario all of Oswalds associations and activities become logical and consistent. Under this scenario it becomes clear why Lee Oswald was associating with individuals that records now reveal had strong ties to the Intelligence world. Names like Guy Bannister, David Ferrie,Clay Shaw,David Atlee Phillips,George de Mohrenschildt. All were associates of Lee Harvey Oswald.

After being involved in two missions for the Central Intelligence Agency Oswald was ready for his third and what would in the end be his final mission. Not only his final mission for the Central Intelligence Agency but the final mission of his life. Records show that in the Reserve Loan Life Building on Ervay Street in Dallas Texas Central Intelligence Operative J. Walton Moore met with George de Mohrenschildt and would ask de Mohrenschildt to contact Lee Harvey Oswald. Why agent Moore made the request history will never know. We are all left to only speculate why. In de Mohrenschildt's own testimony he told that he had asked Agent Moore about Lee Oswald and was he a safe individual. But other records reveal that it was indeed Agent Moore who initiated the contact between Oswald and de Mohrenschildt. Records do reveal that both Agent Moore and de Mohrenschildt had office suits in the same building. It would be this request and contact that would tie George de Mohrenschildt and Lee Harvey Oswald together for the remainder of both of there lives.

George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildt would befriend the young Oswald family and step in and introduce the couple to the local white Russian community in Dallas. After several social gatherings with the white Russian community it was decided that the Oswalds would not be ask to return .Some in the community expressed deep concern about the Oswalds and even went as far as to speculate that Marina Oswald was possible some type of Super agent slipped into the United States on some kind of clandestine Russian assignment. And the entire group was fearful of Lee Oswald and his outspoken ideological thinking and ways while at group gatherings.

Taking the Oswalds to high class social functions with some of Dallas's upper class became a regular for the de Mohrenschildt's. It was a strange friendship between Oswald and de Mohrenschildt that no one could understand. Taking the young Lee Oswald under his wing de Mohrenschildt became his mentor. The Oltmans notes revealed that de Mohrenschildt had bragged that Lee would do anything that he would ask of him. Even went as far as to tell that the young Oswald idolized him. Comparing Oswald to some of his young soldiers that were under his command while in the Polish Army. It was this mentoring process that de Mohrenschildt orchestrated that was the beginning of the end for Lee Oswald. The young Oswald looked up to de Mohrenschildt like a father type figure. Possible the father figure he never had in his life but so wanted and needed. In later years Marina Oswald would testify that when de Mohrenschildt would visit the Oswalds Lee and George would spent long hours talking in private and at times in even hushed tones. Those private conversations we are all left but to speculate what was said or possible planned. Revealed in the Oltmans archives we do know of de Mohrenschildt's bitter hatred for the Kennedy family and his hatred for America in general. In the authors theory here it is speculated that de Mohrenschildt indoctrinated Lee Oswald into his own line of thinking and his distaste for John Kennedy and his open resentment and hate for the American system and the American people. It should be remembered it was George de Mohrenschildt who wrote to Willem Oltmans and said “I could care less if someone dropped a hydrogen bomb on America and destroyed the whole damn place”.American's are nothing but a bunch of amusing monkeys.

In this scenario it's believed that de Mohrenschildt schooled Lee Oswald on how to develop multiple identities just as he had done throughout his long covert intelligence career. It was the old school warrior passing on the does and don't s and the in's and outs of the deeply secret intelligence world.

The de Mohrenschildt role with Lee Oswald came to an end in June of 1963 with a move to Haiti and a new assignment of working on setting up the overthrow of the Duvalier government. Being moved months in advance was critical for the outcome of the mission that had been set into motion in Dallas.

There are only two people in the world who will ever know for sure when George de Mohrenschildt mentioned for the first time to Lee Oswald of a mission or a plan that involved some type of event that would involve President John F. Kennedy. The long time deep cover Intelligence operative de Mohrenschildt would now guide and direct and position Lee Oswald right were they wanted him. In this theory it is highly possible that de Mohrenschildt disclosed to Lee Oswald that a plan had been hatched of a highly orchestrated staged event that would lead to the arrest and prosecution of a small group of anti Castro Cubans for a failed assassination attempt on President Kennedy's life. And an angry American public would demand some form of attack on Cuba and the overthrow of the Soviet backed Castro government in retaliation .The foundation for this theory came only six days after President Kennedy's murder had taken place. On November 29,1963 a Dallas resident by the name of Lucille Connell had reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)that she had been informed by a Dallas resident by the name of Silvia Odio who had very strong family ties to a prominent anti-Castro activist who was jailed in Cuba for organizing an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro's life. In September of 1963 Odio was living in Dallas when three men, whom she did not know, came to her apartment one evening. They told her they were involved in the anti-Castro movement and were in need of assistance. Two of the men, Odio later said, appeared to be Cuban or Mexican, and identified themselves as Leopoldo and Angelo (or Angel).It is now believed these two men were Bernardo De Torres and Edwin Collins . The third was an American introduced as Leon Oswald. Believed now to have been Lee Harvey Oswald. Some what frightened and uneasy with the three men, Silvia Odio declined any involvement with them, and asked the three men to leave. Days later, Leopoldo called Odio on the phone and informed her that the American who had visited her home Leon Oswald was a former marine and that he thought President Kennedy should be assassinated.
After the President was murdered, Silvia Odio was startled to recognize Lee Harvey Oswald as the same "Leon Oswald" who had been outside her apartment. This identification was corroborated by her sister Annie Odio who also saw and spoke with the three strange men. In reporting to the FBI Lucille Connell told that Sylvia Odio had told her that she knew Lee Harvey Oswald, and that he had been in contact with several small groups of Cuban refugees in the Dallas area in the past. Odio stated she considered Oswald brilliant and clever, and that he had captivated the groups to whom he spoke...A call had been made in recent months by a Cuban associate of hers to an unknown source in New Orleans, Louisiana, requesting information on Lee Harvey Oswald...Oswald was considered by that source in New Orleans to be a `double agent.' The source stated Oswald was probably trying to infiltrate the Dallas Cuban group, and that he should not be trusted." With the information supplied only six days after President Kennedy's assassination to the FBI from Lucille Connell makes it highly possible that Lee Oswald's role was to become associated with anti-Castro Cubans which could lead a clear trail to the Cubans in the aftermath of the highly planned out event. The small anti- Castro Cuban group that was picked to be infiltrated was known as the Cuban Revolutionary Junta (JURE).The role given to Lee Oswald was to penetrate JURE. Win there trust and then recruit several members of JURE to take part in the plan. No one was to be hurt in this staged event or so Lee Oswald had been led to believe. In the end it would be the young twenty four year old Lee Harvey Oswald that would find himself the one setup and framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Once in police custody the magnitude of what had happened sunk in and Lee Oswald finally realized he was the “Patsy”. The entire hatched plot was a set up from start to finish with Lee Oswald being led to believe he would be protected as a operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. He would be taken care of by the agency. And that no matter what his role he would be protected and in the end he would be cleared and exonerated of any wrong doings. In Oswalds jailhouse visit from his Mother Marguerite Oswald he had told her not to worry he had not shot anyone and this would all be cleared up. “It's a mistake. I'm not guilty. There are people who will help me”. Being a former trained Marine Lee Oswald was used to taking orders and carrying out his mission without question. His young age made him vulnerable and easily misguided and manipulated .
Since John Kennedy's murder there have been many scenarios theorized to try to understand why President Kennedy was killed and who did it and if there was indeed more than one person involved .
After years and years of research and study I theorize that on the morning of November 22,1963 Lee Oswald in a concealed manner delivered the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle into the Texas School Book Depository and placed it hidden on the sixth floor. At that point Lee Oswald thought his part was finished .He was instructed at the noon hour to stand by in the second floor break room as the staged event unfolded. Staying cool and calm now was the biggest challenge.

Standing nervously alone in the employee break room the 24 year old Oswald hears three distinct gun shots ring throughout the old building. With the sounds of those gun shots Oswald knows the mission is underway. He walks slowly to the Coke machine and slips his change in the machine and gets a Coke. Standing sipping the bottled soft drink the door to the break room bursts open and before him stands a Dallas Police officer with gun drawn demanding to know if he belongs there .With the Police officer is Book Depository general manager Roy Truly who without hesitation says “yes he works here” And then truly shouts “the President has been shot” The two rush out the door and Oswald once again is left alone. Standing for several moments more Oswald very calmly walks out of the break room and he leaves the building by the front entrance. The plan was Oswald was to meet a contact at the Texas Theater and from there Oswald and his contact would drive by car to a small private airfield south of Dallas called Redbird Airport. There waiting would be a small single engine Piper Cub airplane waiting .Behind the controls is New Orleans resident and contract CIA operative Captain David Ferrie. The plan was to leave the Redbird airport and fly into Mexico. Once safely secure out of the United States the operatives would wait for further instructions.

With every step there is little doubt that fear and confusion now had gripped Lee Oswald. Now things had begun to move quickly. Making his way to his rooming house at 1026 North Beckley Street and retrieving a hand gun Oswald at this point must be fearing something isn't right. The words of Roy truly “the President has been shot “ kept racing through Oswalds mind. No one was to be hurt. Something was terrible wrong. A thousand thoughts screamed through his mind in an inner panic. Staying calm sticking to the plan to meet up with a contact at the Texas Theater in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas was all that was left to do. While still in his room at Beckley Street Oswald hears a car horn blow two times in front of the rooming house. Later witnesses would reveal this car was a Dallas City Police car. Rushing from the rooming house in hast Oswald hurries down Beckley Street headed towards Tenth Street. At a swift walking pace Oswald is almost in a panic state now. Approaching Tenth Street Oswald is met by a short stocky built man with dark bushy hair. There is a strong possibility that this is a man by the name of Billy Seymour. The two exchange words and continue on together at a swift pace. At the intersection of East 10th street and Patton Avenue the two men are approached by a Dallas City Police car driven by Officer J.D. Tippit. Pulling to the curb officer Tippit exchanges words with the two men through the open window of the Police car. Words were exchanged and Officer Tippit then exits the police car only to be met with four to five gun shots being fired by the short stocky built man. As Officer Tippit collapses to the street both men flea in opposite directions. Later eye witness Acquilla Clemons told investigators that she saw two men at the scene of the crime from her front porch. With a clear view she witnessed the shooting. One had a pistol and was waving the other man away. The armed man was described by Clemons as “chunky,” “short” and “kind of heavy” with “bushy hair”.Fleeing the murder scene the short stocky man drops what later would be identified as a mans wallet. Inside the wallet was the identification of Lee Harvey Oswald. He also removes the empty cartridge shells from the hand gun and tosses them to the ground by Officer Tippits body. The final pieces of the setup had just been placed.

In a total panic now Oswald makes his way to the Texas Theater .Entering the theater Oswald moves from one seat to the next looking for his contact. In the darkness of the big movie room Oswald settles into a seat and waits. No one comes. Most likely it's at this point that Lee Oswald realizes he has been duped he has been set up . As the movie War Is Hell played on the big screen Lee Oswald sat silently waiting and wondering what to do what was next. In the darkness all alone his mind raced .Still hoping he was wrong and his contact would appear Oswald sits motionless.The last few moments of freedom were spent most likely in reflection .The feeling of stepping into the tar-pit that he could never exit was all that was left now. In an instant it was all over. The lights came on the Dallas Police arrived and there were many. A small scuffle ensued. In a loud voice Lee Oswald was heard to holler out “it's all over now”.

My thoughts and I theorize but is strictly conjecture that the possible real scenario of this event most likely played out in a much different way than we all have been led to believe. While Lee Oswald stood waiting in the employee break room for what he thought was to be a staged event were no one would be hurt or injured the planned out assassination of President John F. Kennedy unfolded .The patsy was in place the exit routes for the shooters were planned down to the second. A coup de etat was unfolding in broad daylight. As the noon hour approached there were two men both stationed ready to unleash a crossfire the moment John Kennedy's big Lincoln Continental rolled into the killing zone. Two shooter were decided on in the planning stages because this was a no fail mission. Just moments after the Presidential car made that final last turn onto Elm Street positioned on the sixth floor in the far corner window crotch behind a stack of boxes holding school books was not Lee Harvey Oswald but Central Intelligence operative David Sanchez Morales .Records reveal that Morales was involved at top levels in a variety of covert projects for the Central Intelligence Agency , including the plot to assassinate Fidel Castro,and he had direct involvement at the Bay of Pigs operation .He was well known throughout the intelligence world as being amoral and tenacious and a viscous man . He was not only well known throughout the ranks in the agency he was legendary and many of his deeply covert operations are still today clouded in mystery and secrecy. It was well known that in the 1960's and early 1970's if you were to see David Morales walking down a street in a city in any Latin American country, look out a coup is ready to take place. Operation after operation for years and years Morales had been tided to some of the Central Intelligence Agencies most covert operations of the 1960's.

One operation Morales was deeply involved in was Operation 40 . A top secret Central Intelligence Agency project set up to train select Cuban exiles in guerrilla warfare and assassinations. Records showed that a large portion of the Operation 40 members were recruited from another deeply clandestine operation called JM/Wave. It was the JM/Wave operation that was involved directly in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Setting up and running JM/Wave out of South Florida David Morales was said to have been bitter and out for revenge on John Kennedy after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Placing direct blame on John Kennedy for allowing the trained Anti Castro Cubans to be killed and captured and the operation ended up turning into a horrible failure and disgrace.
On November 22,1963 one eye witness Ruby Henderson came forward on the day of the shooting and reported seeing just five to six minutes before the shots rang out in Dealey Plaza a dark complected individual possible a negro or a Mexican on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. David Sanchez Morales was dark skinned and was of Mexican-American decent, Morales was nicknamed El Indio because of his dark skin and Indian features. In later years Morales had bragged to a close associate by the name of Ruben Carbajal and business partner Robert Walton that he was indeed in Dallas Texas that November day in 1963. He went on to say “well we took care of that son of a bitch”

The second shooter stationed behind the wooden stockade fence over looking Elm Street and the grassy knoll was James Earl Files. In the 1960's the Central Intelligence Agency worked on several high level covert operations with individuals associated with organized crime. In this operation Morales had worked with organized crime boss Johnny Rosselli of the Chicago mob. It was Rosselli who recruited James Earl Files to be a member of the hit team ordered to kill John Kennedy. As the big Lincoln slowly passed the Texas School Book Depository and John Kennedy raised his right hand for a small wave and nod of his head as if to give his approval he without ever knowing it took his last breath of his life. Peering down the cope of his high powered Remington XP-100 Fireball pistol Files would squeeze the trigger and take the first shot hitting John Kennedy in the throat. The second shot would be fired by Morales hitting Kennedy in the mid back area. Two more shots would come from Morales .One of those shots hit Governor John Connely. One ricocheted off a metal sign post that went on to strike a concrete curb stone that flew air born and struck bystander James Tegue in the cheek as he stood by the railroad underpass. Peering down the high powered scope James Files would place the scope bead right on John Kennedy's right temple of his forehead. The kill shot was massive and the destruction to John Kennedy's skull from that final bullet left no doubt ,James Files knew instantly John Kennedy was dead. There mission had been accomplished. Leaving the Book Depository by the rear loading dock Morales escapes completely undetected. With only a few short steps Files steps into a waiting car and exits the area completely undetected .In Gerard Croiset vision he told of a man who left the scene of the killing in a white car behind a wooden fence. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy had taken no more than eight seconds from start to finish. The young bold American President who had sought peace and freedom around the world was gone. In a mere 8 seconds it was all over. Leaving nothing behind but the smell of gun powder. The past and the future had merged and America and the world would have nothing left but the memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In 1994 while incarcerated for murder at the Statesville Correctional Center in Crest Hill Illinois James Files would confess to his involvement in the John Kennedy assassination and take responsibility for being the grassy knoll shooter. No actions were ever taken by the Attorney Generals Office the FBI did conduct a inquiry in 1994 into the confession and released a statement saying the allegations made by Files “were not credible” .As of 2015 James Files still remained incarcerated at the Statesville Correctional Center in Crest Hill Illinois.As of 2016 James Earls Files was released from Custody.

I have come to the conclusion and theorize that there is a very good possibility that the assassination of President Kennedy was orchestrated and planned and carried out by a covert group of highly disgruntled Central Intelligence Agency Operatives that eliminated John Kennedy from power because of the Kennedy administrations failure to supple military support in the failed Bay of Pigs operation that caused great embarrassment to the certain members of the agency . And John Kennedy's threat to splinter the Central Intelligence Agency to the winds. And the Kennedy administrations soft approach to the Soviet Union and Communism . The highly orchestrated assassination plot was centered around one individual who in the end would be the fall guy the patsy. The chosen one was Lee Harvey Oswald a young former Marine who was recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency while Oswald was still in the United States Marine Corp. The sheep dipping of Lee Harvey Oswald began in the early stages of his recruitment into the Central Intelligence Agency and followed into November of 1963.When Lee Oswald journeyed to the Soviet Union in 1959, he very possible may have been sent in as part of a false defector program. Openly claiming to want to defect to the Soviet Union but in actuality was sent by the Central Intelligence Agency to spy within the Soviet Union. In a private memo to the staff of the House Select Committee on Assassinations Central Intelligence Officer Thomas Casasin had stated that the agency had "run an agent into the USSR" and this same agent had returned to the United States with a Soviet bride. In the summer months of 1963 Lee Oswalds activities and associations in New Orleans paints a clear picture of an individual working within the intelligence community. It also paints a picture of a young Lee Oswald being manipulated and perhaps without being witting of exactly who he was dealing with and what his exact role was in this highly organized intelligence operation . Records show that as early as 1960 the Central Intelligence Agency had shown a great interest in Lee Oswald. Released documents would reveal that Jane Roman the long time special assistant to the Central Intelligence Agencies Counter Intelligence chief spy master James Angleton would tell that the agency had shown a great interest in Lee Oswald more than three years before the assassination of President Kennedy took place. In another released document a strange communication cable in late 1963 surfaced that recorded four Central Intelligence Officers saying that Lee Harvey Oswald was “maturing” . The four were identified as Willem J. Hood Chief of Operations in the Western Hemishere, Tom Karamessines Assistant to the Central Intelligence Director Richard Helms,Jane Roman Assistant to James Angleton and John Whitten Operations Director of the Mexico / Central American desk for the Central Intelligence Agency.
No explanation was ever given for the communication cable or for the wording that Lee Oswald was “maturing”.What is known is that 42 days after this communication cable saying that Lee Oswald was “maturing” President Kennedy was assassinated and Lee Oswald was charged with the crime.

And we know from Willem Oltmans archives and his ten year long investigation that George de Mohrenschildt which has been well established that he had Central Intelligence Agency connections befriended Lee Oswald in the months leading up to the assassination and openly confessed to Willem Oltmans in the Zale Library on the Bishop College campus that he guided and instructed Lee Oswald on how the assassination of President Kennedy could and should be set up and then abruptly leaves Dallas Texas for Haiti .

This theory that I share is only speculation of what might have really happened but laced with known proven facts which leads the reader to wonder if the official story of what really happened on that November day in 1963 is far from the real truth. After half a century has passed were all left with as many unanswered questions as we have answered questions. No one has ever been convicted of killing President John F.
Kennedy. Who killed John Kennedy and who was behind the act is the great modern day mystery wrapped within it's own mystery wrapped in layer after layer of misinformation that leads down a million avenues that are all endless. It was the conspiracy for the ages.My wife and myself have spent many years working on our belief's of what possible really happened.Our work has been arranged into a manuscript form called “Walking The Razor's Edge” The Dutchman and the Baron.This manuscript takes us all one step closer to seeing behind the curtain of secrecy that has surrounded this case for all these years. Thanks to the persistent investigative skills of Willem Oltmans we are all able to step one step closer to knowing the real story.
In Willem Oltmans diaries he recorded that George de Mohrenschildt had expressed a great sadness of what had happened to Lee Oswald and a deep feeling of guilt. He openly had said “what a horrible shame it was that Lee had been put into the position that history had sealed for him”. He was innocent of what he had been accused of and George de Mohrenschildt knew it .And now we all do.
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