Chasing Conspiracies on AHC

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Chasing Conspiracies on AHC

Postby Bob » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:03 pm

I don't know how many of you have watched the Chasing Conspiracies show on American Heroes Channel (AHC). It's the closest thing to getting the real truth on television since Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory was on (before it was cancelled). I have watched a number of these shows, which have covered topics like the RFK assassination and 9/11. And unlike the crap you often see with appearances by Gerald Posner and disinformation artists of his ilk, these programs have brought the other side of the equation to the program. In the RFK assassination program, the viewer got to see and hear Shane O'Sullivan. In the program talking about 9/11, Wayne Madsen and Webster Tarpley gave their takes regarding the event being an inside job. I don't know how long this show will continue, but it's refreshing to see a different aspect to events like the RFK assassination and 9/11.

I'm not saying I believe all that this program covers, but it really makes one think more closely about the events that they cover.

Here is a link to Chasing Conspiracies:
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