Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald

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Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:25 pm

In 1969, Bud Fensterwald and Richard E. Sprague founded a private "Committee to Investigate Assassinations," which primarily concerned itself with the Kennedy assassination. In the late 1970s, Fensterwald was Congressman Thomas N. Downing's favorite to become chief counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations but withdrew himself from consideration after objection from Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez. In 1984, Fensterwald and James Lesar founded the Assassination and Archives Research Center (AARC)
In our research in Den Hagg The Netherlands we ran across an interesting set of notes that Willem Oltmans had recorded in March of 1975 concerning Bud Fensterwald. The notes that were in Oltman own hand writing went like this .

In a letter to Oltmans Bud Fensterwald expresses an interest in meeting George de Mohrenschildt and could Oltmans arrange a time and a meeting . And if at all possible could he listen to the tape recorded interviews with the de Mohrenschildts.

Telling Oltmans that he is more and more convinced that George de Mohrenschildt is a key figure in a conspiracy and plot that was orchestrated to assassinate John F. Kennedy. And for that reason it was so important for him to hear the recordings.

The Oltmans notes revealed that Fensterwald made at least four contacts with Oltmans and in each of these contacts he urged that he be allowed to listen to the recordings that had been made . And continued to ask for a personal meeting with George de Mohrenschildt.

At one point telling Oltmans “your the only one” . Your the one person in the world Willem who holds the key to unraveling the plot that killed John F. Kennedy due to your close and intimate personal relationship with George de Mohrenschildt.
On March 3,1975 Oltmans contacts George and mentions the correspondence that he has had with Bernard “Bud” Fensterwald and his connections with the Committee to Investigate Assassinations. Alarmed and concerned with this development George in an angry tone tells Oltmans to never allow this man to hear the interview recordings and said in a loud voice “I will never meet with this Fucking Jew” It was finding small little notes like this that helped us in our research and study to know we indeed were on the right track.And we found many !!!
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