A very interesting meeting at the Cipango Club

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A very interesting meeting at the Cipango Club

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:17 pm

Researching the Willem Oltmans archives in The Netherlands we found Oltmans personal notes concerning a meeting in November of 1974 between Oltmans and George and Jeanne de Mohrenschildt and Pat Russell the de Mohrenschildt's attorney .The meeting had been set at the Cipango Club in Dallas.The notes told in detail the meeting proved interesting but somewhat strange. The once famous Dallas club catered to the rich and famous. From gangsters to the oil rich it was Dallas Texas in first class style. It was said to even be considered for membership you had to have at least a net worth of $ 100,000.and that was in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Most members were millionaires. $100 tips were common at the Cipango. No matter what you were looking for, it could be arranged at the famous Cipango Club. Located on Turtle Creek Boulevard the the Cipango Club had a deep history that stretched from 1946 up until the club closed it's doors in the mid 1980's. The name “Cipango” came from the mythical island sought by explorer Marco Polo. It was a place of untold wealth and pagan splendor. According to Polo,'people are dependent on nobody and their gold is abundant beyond measure.”

In a grand entry Russell arrives in a new shiny Black Cadillac Coup-de-ville .Sporting a three piece pin striped suit and wingtip shoes Russell made a grand entry with a young male companion by his side. Introducing out loud his male friend as Greg his lover. The brash openness of Russell's homosexuality brought stares and hushed comments throughout the white linen covered dinning room.

Before even placing his order Russell wanted to hear everything that Oltmans knew about George and the Kennedy assassination.
In a take charge tone Russell was running the show. He wanted to hear everything and only wanted it to come from Willem Oltmans. Looking on with sullen serious looks George and Jeanne sat silently .

Beginning with Gerard Croiset's vision of a plot that was behind the assassination of President Kennedy and one individual who orchestrated and set the entire plot into motion. Oltmans would tell how each and every detail of Croisets vision pointed the finger of blame at a person who fit every caricaturist of George de Mohrenschildt .The description from the vision matched perfectly.
With his eyes darting from side to side and a visible look of nervousness George sat tight lipped but intently listening to ever detail that was told. Never saying a word . Never saying no, never saying it wasn't me. Finally Oltmans stops. The crowded darkly lit Cipango Club bristled with energy. The white uniformed wait staff hurried to clear tables. The de Mohrenschildt table sat in total silence. Speaking in Russian Jeanne in a sharp tone says something that no one at the table but George could understand.

Rubbing his chin in a quizzical bewildered look Russell directly addresses George and says “never again talk to anyone about the assassination in Dallas without having him present”. And then in a stern forceful voice staring directly eye to eye with Oltmans Russell says "this whole thing is a very fishy affair.If you reveal anything that George knows he will go straight to jail...And with that the meeting ended. Standing in an abrupt manner Russell motions his young friend .”Lets get out of here”.

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