The Dark Side of Dallas 1963, The Local Cuban Groups

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The Dark Side of Dallas 1963, The Local Cuban Groups

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:02 pm

In our study and research of the Oltmans archives we found one reference after the other of the local Dallas Cuban groups involvement in the months and days leading up to John Kennedy's murder. In one hand written note Oltmans tells of a meeting he had arranged with Dr. Cyril Wecht the forensic pathologist in Dallas at the de Mohrenschildt apartment . Dr. Cyril Wecht is the forensic pathologist who is best known for his criticism of the Warren Commissions findings concerning the assassination of President Kennedy.The notes tell the three men had talked in depth about the Bay of Pigs invasion and George had compared the anti Castro Cubans hatred for John Kennedy as the same as the Jews hatred for Adolf Hitler. The notes tell in detail of Jeanne de Mohrenschildt's bitterness and sarcastic remarks to Dr. Wecht about why he wants to talk to George and why is he at there home.At one point Oltmans asks Jeanne to please let Dr Wecht talk and Jeanne explodes in anger and haulers "I am treated as a fucking dog , I'm treated worse than a fucking dog". In another reference to the local Cuban groups Oltmans recorded in his notes that in August 1974 that in one chilling conversation between himself and George and Jeanne that Jeanne had brought up Richard Nixon and in a very dark and cold sullen look said “Seems there's no one prepared to shoot and kill Nixon” In a quick reply George says “that's the remarkable difference between a soldier who will shoot and kill for a cause or an ideal and a murdering killer who will be hired and payed to kill. The anti Castro Cubans were prepared and murdered John Kennedy in Dallas without ever asking one penny for it .And even more connections between local Dallas Cuban groups have surfaced . On November 29,1963 a Dallas resident by the name of Lucille Connell had reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)that she had been informed by a Dallas resident by the name of Silvia Odio who had very strong family ties to a prominent anti-Castro activist who was jailed in Cuba for organizing an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro's life. In September of 1963 Odio was living in Dallas when three men, whom she did not know, came to her apartment one evening. They told her they were involved in the anti-Castro movement and were in need of assistance. Two of the men, Odio later said, appeared to be Cuban or Mexican, and identified themselves as Leopoldo and Angelo (or Angel).It is now believed these two men were Bernardo De Torres and Edwin Collins . The third was an American introduced as Leon Oswald. Believed now to have been Lee Harvey Oswald. Some what frightened and uneasy with the three men, Silvia Odio declined any involvement with them, and asked the three men to leave. Days later, Leopoldo called Odio on the phone and informed her that the American who had visited her home Leon Oswald was a former marine and that he thought President Kennedy should be assassinated.
After the President was murdered, Silvia Odio was startled to recognize Lee Harvey Oswald as the same "Leon Oswald" who had been outside her apartment. This identification was corroborated by her sister Annie Odio who also saw and spoke with the three strange men. In reporting to the FBI Lucille Connell told that Sylvia Odio had told her that she knew Lee Harvey Oswald, and that he had been in contact with several small groups of Cuban refugees in the Dallas area in the past. Odio stated she considered Oswald brilliant and clever, and that he had captivated the groups to whom he spoke...A call had been made in recent months by a Cuban associate of hers to an unknown source in New Orleans, Louisiana, requesting information on Lee Harvey Oswald...Oswald was considered by that source in New Orleans to be a `double agent.' The source stated Oswald was probably trying to infiltrate the Dallas Cuban group, and that he should not be trusted." With the information supplied only six days after President Kennedy's assassination to the FBI from Lucille Connell makes it highly possible that Lee Oswald's role was to become associated with a anti-Castro Cuban group which could lead a clear trail to the Cubans in the aftermath of the highly planned out attack. The small anti- Castro Cuban group that was picked to be infiltrated was known as the Cuban Revolutionary Junta (JURE).The role given to Lee Oswald was to penetrate JURE. Win there trust,indoctrinate the members with hatred and animosity towards President Kennedy and then recruit several members of JURE to take part in the planned attack. It was an old school method used by deep cover operatives for years. Create a situation were someone else does the dirty work and receives the full blame as you move to the side untouched. Complete and full deniability.
In the end it would be the young twenty four year old Lee Harvey Oswald that would find himself the one setup and framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Once in police custody the magnitude of what had happened sunk in and Lee Oswald finally realized he was the “Patsy”. The entire hatched plot was a set up from start to finish with Lee Oswald being led to believe he would be protected as a operative for the Central Intelligence Agency. He would be taken care of by the agency. And that no matter what his role he would be protected and in the end he would be cleared and exonerated of any wrong doings. In Oswalds jailhouse visit from his Mother Marguerite Oswald he had told her not to worry he had not shot anyone and this would all be cleared up. “It's a mistake. I'm not guilty. There are people who will help me”. Being a former trained Marine Lee Oswald was used to taking orders and carrying out his mission without question. His young age made him vulnerable and easily misguided and manipulated .
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