Our Investigation uncovered a long over looked letter !!!

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Our Investigation uncovered a long over looked letter !!!

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:57 pm

After reviewing my last post I felt this subject deserved it's own new topic post for all the Forum members to read and think about...After 4 separate trips to Den Haag The Netherlands and hours and hours of page by page digging and scouring through thousands and thousands of pages in Willem Oltmans archives we found this most interesting hand written personal letter from the former lead investigator for the House Select committee on Assassinations Richard Sprague. The letter went like this . Sprague tells Oltmans that he firmly believes Oltmans investigation concerning de Mohrenschildt is credible and that Oltmans was indeed very close to what had really happened behind the scenes in the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Richard Sprague in his letter suggest that there was a very real possibility that George De Mohrenschildt had been mind programed .In the last months of 1976 De Mohrenschildt had been signed into Parkland Hospitals Psychiatric Ward for treatments for depression . In those treatments which included intro vinous medications and a series of electroshock treatments .The intro vinous medications were ordered and administered by newly hired Dr. Charles Mendoza. And the Electro shock treatments were administered by Dr. Deloach who was first cousin to former FBI assistant director Cartha “Deke” Deloach.

Richard Sprague's tells of an expert that he located while still investigating the case for the House Select Committee in mind control programming .Saying there was a high probability that George de Mohrenschildt had been mind programed and pointed out that in the last months of de Mohrenschildt's life he showed all the classic symptoms of post hypnotic suggestions ..He speculated that the intro vinous medications would have been used to drug de Mohrenschildt so he could be easily hypnotized using a mind control program. The electric shock treatments were given to produce pain and a negative sort of effect to penalize de Mohrenschildt for having thoughts they didn't want him to have or to remember. While still in Dallas De Mohrenschildt showed all the symptoms of mind programming. His fear of being killed was one ,his belief that he was being followed and watched was another. That was reinforced by actually having him followed and watched. The next door neighbor who was constantly watching him and his car being mysteriously moved around the Bishop College campus. The purpose of this part of the mind control program was to make De Mohrenschildt appear crazy. He was programmed with the fear that he would be killed. In Oltmans notes Willem records how incredibility scared and shaken de Mohrenschildt seemed after he had been discharged from the Parkland Hospital .Recording several times that De Mohrenschildt appeared to be drugged. Shaking scared , almost unrecognizable Oltmans told. The notes revealed that De Mohrenschildt had stated that “they are trying to ruin my memory”.They don't want me to tell what I know. And in the end right before Oltmans and de Mohrenschildt leave the United States for Europe
de Mohrenschildt begs Oltmans to help him get out of the United States before they kill him.

When the authors here found the Richard Sprague letter in Oltmans archives we at first were skeptical that George de Mohrenschildt could have unknowingly been put under a mind control program until our further research concerning the subject revealed some very interesting findings.

In 1977 Congressional hearings were held concerning a certain agency within the United States Government that had willfully carried out and funded projects that administered doses to unknowing participants with mind altering chemicals and electroshock therapy .In the 1960's and early 1970's the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operated a mind control program called Project Artichoke which later was renamed Project MKULtra .In this project mind altering drugs and electroshock therapy were used by the CIA to alter peoples memory and there actions.

On September 5,1976 George de Mohrenschildt had sent a personal letter to the director of the CIA George H.W. Bush asking that the net of surveillance that had been placed around him and his wife be removed. In the letter de Mohrenschildt states that he thinks he has caused some type of uneasiness with his personal writings in his soon to be released manuscript “I'm Just A Patsy I'm Just A Patsy” concerning his friendship with accused Presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald .Within 60 days George de Mohrenschildt is in Parkland Hospital receiving electroshock treatments and powerful intro vinous medications. Coincidence or connection ?

In the Richard Sprague letter he speculates that Pat Russel de Mohrenschildt's attorney is possible the go between person that is working with the CIA. It's Pat Russel who has the de Mohrenschildt manuscript locked away in his office. After being hospitalized de Mohrenschildt never see's the manuscript again. In the Sprague letter he theories that possible after de Mohrebschildt is dead Pat Russel turns the original tell all manuscript over to the CIA who quickly sanitize it clean it up and then have it turned over to the House Select Committee which finds nothing of value.

The Richard Sprague letter goes on to tell Oltmans of the break down in the Select Committee and the inner fighting and the financial short falls that almost destroyed the committee before it even got started. Telling Oltmans that the whole thing was a farce and being put on as a big show. Directions were passed down through the ranks to produce sensational headlines or risk being shut down. After being fired from the committee staff Sprague along with many other who were finally going to be given a real opportunity to find out the real facts behind President Kennedy's assassination could do nothing but shake there heads. For the first time a real murder investigation was going to be conducted and Richard Sprague and his hand picked staff were going to hit the streets the old fashion way and turn ever stone until the whole true facts were left plain to see. And just as fast as it started it was over. The gutsy long time Philadelphia prosecutor was fired. The firing left many onlookers wondering if now the true facts would ever come out. Replacing Sprague was G .Robert Blakey Chief Council and staff Director. The entire investigation would take a different approach on a much more trimmed down staff and a cut budget which left many wondering with such limited resources and funds could the real truth ever be uncovered.

In Oltmans personal notes he speaks of his admiration for Richard Sprague and his total belief that Oltmans investigation concerning George de Mohrenschildt had indeed been very close to the center of the real facts behind the assassination of President Kennedy.
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