Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CIA

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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Re: Oswald in New Orleans: A Case for Conspiracy with the CI

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:21 pm

Kenmurray that's an interesting piece you posted but for myself I don't believe it .It's a royal "Red Herring" if there ever has been one. It's so typical in this case to throw out there wild way over the top theories that the everyday Joe could never understand and it completely screwed up any chance of the real truth coming out.And at some point the regular everyday citizen doesn't know what the heck to believe or not believe. There are small pieces of this theory that are most likely true.The Lee Harvey Oswald that we all remember after November 22,1963 was used in some form as a special covert operator in a program run by US Military Intelligence and the CIA which included him being placed in Russia and then returned to the USA . At some point after his return to the US the young naive 24 year old Lee Oswald was maneuvered into a position he would never be able to escape from. After months of indoctrination and mentoring filled with hatred for the United States and the US Government from old school covert master of deception George de Mohrenschildt the young Lee Oswald was primed and pushed into the sacrificial lamb role that we all watched unfold in front of our eyes way back in November of 1963.Once the Paine's enter the picture it was all just a matter of time before the plot would unfold. The rest is a carefully orchestrated historical lie that at this late point in history most likely will never be totally truthfully revealed. Have you noticed no Government agencies have stepped forward to reopen the JFK assassination case .The Department of Justice hasn't stepped forward to reopen the case.At this point in time this case is dead in the water.History has pretty much sealed this up ...
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