Problems with the James Files story

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Problems with the James Files story

Postby Glenn Gordon » Sun May 31, 2015 11:17 am

Although James Files may sound convincing, there are problems with his story that I hope someone can shed some light on? According to his statement to Jim Marrs, Files was on the Grassy Knoll behind the picket fence with a tree as cover. However, according to enhanced images, at least two other figures can be seen together right behind Zapruder standing on top of the wall. According to Zapruder himself, he was nervous about losing his balance on the wall so had his assistant support him. Yet, she cannot be seen. Admittedly, this is a minor detail. However, the two figures behind Zapruder are using another wall as cover. One appears to be crouched while the other is standing, resting on the gaps of the wall from which he takes aim at Kennedy. Then, there was the infamous `Badge man'. This figure was positioned slightly over to the right of Files' location.

This situation raises doubts in James Files statement. He makes little or no reference to these accomplices. The nearest to his account is that there were others around his location, in close proximity. He says nothing about their identity or their role in the assassination.

Perhaps I have missed something that I hope someone can shed some light on?

Many thanks in advance.
Glenn Gordon
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