Tom Dunkin

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Tom Dunkin

Postby JDThomas » Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:03 pm

Thought I'd start an article on this guy because there is so little information available about him.

Full bio:

In short:
An ex-marine, turned journalist based in Florida, well known in the anti-Castro community and went on some raids to Cuba with them and getting them much needed publicity.
He went to work for Jim Garrison in his case against Clay Shaw - its not clear if he was actually any help or else hindered or actually sabotaged the investigation like a number of other Florida-based characters who turned up at the same time to 'help' big Jim.

Some think that his death was suspicious - at the time of death he was supposedly working on a book with Tony Cuesta, who according to Castro officials, spilled the beans about the JFK hit as he was released from jail in Cuba. It is said that his papers appear to have been ransacked when his body was found.From what remained researchers have been able to to assemble a useful though incomplete narrative of Florida-based paramilitary activity in the 1960's and early 1970's.

G.P. Hemming once said that his papers may not have been ransacked as Dunkin lived like a pig, but he later changed his mind. I think that the article below shows that Hemming's original thoughts were not without some base in fact!

It is interesting to note that this article from the Lakeland Ledger lists a number of the newspapers that Dunkin had worked for, but not once does it mention that he had actually undertaken work for the Ledger. As his letter to Garrison shows, he actually reported the Preliminary Clay Shaw hearing for the Ledger.
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