The records building shooter

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The records building shooter

Postby Thomas Ruth » Wed May 28, 2014 5:42 am

I recently seen a youtube video by Leroy Blevins and it is the first time i have ever noticed this thanks to Leroy. I don't agree with most of Leroy's research or his video work but this was different. I recently was in Dealey plaza and i was observing the gouge in the concrete by the manhole cover on the southeast side of Elm. I put my boot on the gouge and it pointed directly to the records building. There is no way that round could have came from the TSBD. I stumbled onto this video and i started laughing to myself because i had watched the Z film a gazillion times and never noticed this until watching Leroy's video. What Leroy explains is that the image seen in the sprocket holes is actually reflected from Zapruder's camera onto the lens. Leroy states that the image is only visible in 4 frames but that is not so. I could see the image in the entire film for the most part. How the image is still there when Zapruder is turning to his right filming the motorcade i'm not sure. The image shows a shooter underneath the lamp post on the records building. That lamp post is unique to that building only. Here is the link: Zapruder film: shot found.

Just curious if anyone has noticed this before?
Thomas Ruth
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