"Walking The Razor's Edge"

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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"Walking The Razor's Edge"

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:11 am

Our manuscript "Walking The Razor's Edge" is nearing completion.This is a reply to BB. Thank you for your reply and I now get a better understanding of were your coming from. Let me just say this .That sinkhole concerning Willem Oltmans in your mind is just what the architects of it wanted it to be. Oltmans had created many enemies with in the Dutch Government and because of his involvement in the Indonesian affair a major discrediting and black ball was set into motion for any journalistic work Willem Oltamns was involved with .BB let me fill you in a little bit of the real story. In 1956 Willem Oltmans met with the Indonesian President Kusno Achmed Sukarno and had become such a close personal friend that he was excepted into Sukarno's inner most circle and confidantes and from the notes I mean they were "CLOSE" friends.Oltmans even joked in his notes that Mrs. Sukano hated to see when Oltamns came to visit. It was this close friendship that would be the beginning of a life time of struggle and an organized covert smear campaign and all out effort by, then Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joseph Luns, to cast doubt and discredit and ruin the journalistic career of Willem Oltmans. In 1957 the Dutch Government had asked Oltmans not to interview the Indonesian President nor to become involved in
the controversy of the territory ownership of Dutch New Guinea. President Sukarno believed deeply that Dutch New Guinea belonged rightfully to Indonesia and was ready to mobilize his countries army and take back the territory by force if needed. With tempers boiling almost to the point of war Willem Oltmans steps into the controversy and sends, then President John F. Kennedy, a private message. It's this private message that is widely believed to have diverted war.It's believed that Oltmans asked President Kennedy to apply pressure to the Dutch Government to turn over the territory to a temporary United Nations Administration (UNTEA).
On May 1, 1963 Indonesia took control of the country. It would be this world event that Oltmans had rapped himself in, and his pleas directly to the Dutch public to give Dutch New Guinea full independence to choose that would create some very dangerous enemies from within the Dutch Government. And a full court press to discredit and cast doubt on any and ever story that Oltmans undertook from then on .And this wrong doing was finally proven in a court of law in The Netherlands with a verdict of wrong doing on the Dutch Government and awarded Oltmans over 2 million dollars in damages.

Now BB here is what we found. Oltmans was a journalist first and foremost.He dug in were other journalist dared to go. And we came to believe that because of his person notes and recordings of his daily logs.As we read the notes you realized they were not for someone else but for his own use to go back to for his journalistic work.In his recorded notes which was over 1500 bound diary type binders his whole life was recorded.Look this guy would write down and record everything that he did and what went on during his day . He even recorded his most private moments and I won't go into those but to say there were many and it included George De Mohrenschildt. It's this tight "bond" that Oltmans created with De Mohrenschildt that made it possible for De Mohrenschildt to feel comfortable enough and trust to tell the real story of his friendship with Lee Oswald and his influence concerning the assassination of President Kennedy. The notes were so clear that De Mohrenschildt was tired and at his end and wanted this monster off of his shoulders.In the very end Oltmans recorded in his notes that De Mohrenschildt wanted to escape to Poland.It's a great story and our manuscript will tell it all as we found it !!!!
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