Discrepancies between the Zapruder and Muchmore films

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Discrepancies between the Zapruder and Muchmore films

Postby Operafred » Mon Mar 03, 2014 2:41 pm

Sadly, there are hordes of people who still believe the Zapruder film was unaltered. Really? Well, why are there discrepancies in the Z and Muchmore film? Have a look at the Muchmore film, the Elm Street sequence now. Right at the beginning, starting at about number 14 you'll see Bill Newman and his wife standing on the opposite side of the street, very close to the limousine (they probably were the closest to JFK when the kill shot hit). As you can see, they both are towering over the limousine. Now go to the Z film. The Newmans are NOWHERE to be seen. They should have been BLOCKING our view of JFK for a at least a moment or two, but THEY ARE NOT THERE. Gone With The Wind, vanished into thin air. Now, if you remove some frames from the original film, you'll get such a result quite easily.
Admittedly, Zapruder was standing on an elevation, but it was not like he was on top of Mt Everest - nor were the Newmans standing much closer to him to allow the camera "beam" go over them. They were actually farthest away from him and closest to the limousine. Bill Newman has stated that they were standing at the edge of the curb when the president went by. In the Muchmore film you can see quite clearly that Bill was positioned notably higher than the surface the limousine was on, so it must have been the high curb by the grass. That means that the Newmans were standing on high enough ground to be in the way of the Z film's "eye". The Cuban was visible, so was umbrella man. Unless Bill and Gayle Newman had suddenly shrunk to the size of their two kids, the upper part of their bodies must have been captured by the camera.Here's the Muchmore film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKqWozXc4KY
JFK Marie Muchmore Film, Elm Street Sequence
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