More on the Kennedy Detail

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More on the Kennedy Detail

Postby Bob » Tue Feb 11, 2014 6:04 pm

I watched the Kennedy Detail again last night and I saw a number of former secrets service agents who got very emotional talking about what happened on 11/22/1963. Especially Clint Hill. Now I do believe the emotion was sincere for most of the agents, including Hill.

I also saw a lot of SS agents covering their ass about why the assassination happened. Plus, they all still keep repeating the company line. That all the shots came from the Texas School Book Depository.

They all know better. Especially Clint Hill. He knows damn well that the fatal shot (at least one of them) came from the grassy knoll. He was as close as anyone (approaching the limo from behind) except for Jackie Kennedy when that shot was fired.

I also saw Win Lawson last night in the special. He was the SS agent in charge of the Dallas trip. He was in the lead car, along with the driver, Deputy Police Chief George Lumpkin, who also had a background in Army Intelligence. Lumpkin was good friends with Jack Crichton (Army Intelligence), who was Poppy Bush's good buddy.

It was Lawson who approved the motorcade route. That tells you something right there. Dealey Plaza was a kill zone. There was absolutely no reason for that route to be taken. It broke every protocol in terms of protection.

Then you have Emory Roberts, the SS agent that ordered the two SS agents off the back of JFK's limo at Love Field. Some in the SS have said that JFK ordered that the two men be removed. Bullshit! JFK was in Tampa just a few days before and had the two agents on the back of his limo. Roberts was in the car behind JFK's limo which had an army of SS agents on it, including Hill.

Finally you have Roy Kellerman who was in the front passenger seat of JFK's limo, and Bill Greer, the driver of the limo. There is speculation that the limo came to a stop in Dealey Plaza, as 40 witnesses have said so. Even if it didn't, Hill said last night it slowed to about five miles per hour. Next time you take a drive, go five miles per hour. You will barely be moving.

The first shot rang out soon after the limo turned on Elm Street. Greer should have raced out of the kill zone immediately. He did not. In fact, he did the opposite and slowed down and some say he stopped. Kellerman did not do a thing. He didn't try and protect anyone. He just turned around and watched JFK's fatal head shot, just as Greer did.

Doug Horne proves without a shadow of a doubt the complicity of Kellerman and Greer in the assassination with the events he describes (via witness testimony) at Bethesda later that night with JFK's autopsy in Volume IV of Inside the ARRB.

The SS knew they were screwed because there wasn't supposed to be a shot from the front or the side in Dealey Plaza. All the shots were supposed to come from the back, either from the TSBD (but not from LHO) and the Dal-Tex Building. That's why Roberts ordered the two agents off the back of the limo at Love Field. It made the kill shot that much easier from behind, plus it meant that no agents would be able to protect JFK once the shooting started. Plus it set up LHO as the patsy.

That's also why there was a pre-autopsy procedure at Bethesda, before Kellerman and Greer arrived with an empty casket. Thom Robinson witnessed both the pre-autopsy procedure in which doctors tried to alter JFK's wounds, and the actual autopsy. Meanwhile, Kellerman and Greer acted like they actually had JFK's body in the empty casket. The switch was made at the airport in Washington, as JFK's body was switched to a cheap shipping casket and loaded off the other side of the plane to a waiting helicopter that took the body to Bethesda before Kellerman and Greer arrived. That's when the pre-autopsy procedure took place.

Once Kellerman arrived at Bethesda, he immediately became the point man there and he orchestrated the dog and pony show that night.

Bottom line, there were at least four SS agents who betrayed their President that day. I'm sure there were a few more.
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