Bankers, Spooks and 9/11

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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Bankers, Spooks and 9/11

Postby Bob » Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:23 pm

JFK was assassinated for a number of reasons. Number one on the list, at least in my opinion, was the drastic changes he was making to the Federal Reserve. Of course, JFK was also pissing off the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA, the mob and big oil as well. In March of 1962, JFK was presented with a plan called Operation Northwoods. A plan in which everyone of the joint chiefs had approved to take place. ... woods.html

JFK refused to implement the plan, and later fired the chairmen of the joint chiefs, General Lyman Lemnitzer, a month or so before the Cuban Missile Crisis took place in October of 1962. 13 months later JFK was dead. Why? Because of the changes he was making with the Fed. Because he was not going to attack Cuba. Because he was also getting out of Vietnam. Because he was attempting to break apart the CIA. Because he was letting his brother Bobby go after the mob with zeal. Because he was going to drastically change the oil depletion allowance. That adds up to a bunch of very rich and powerful enemies, my friends.

A similar plan to Operation Northwoods took place on 9/11/2001. Many of the same people and organizations involved the JFK assassination were part of this black op event as well. Number one on the list again was big banking and all of the criminal activity which they had perpetrated with all of their associates, like those in the CIA. Then we had the 2008 economic collapse, in which big banking and their friends were bailed out to the tune of $1.4 TRILLION dollars, after more of their criminal activity had caused the collapse in the first place.

Like I always say...follow the money.

Please take a look at this video, which talks about why 9/11 happened, who was involved and how it continues to get covered up. You will see the name Bush mentioned over and over again in this video, along with many of their associates. ... d-911.html
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