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New York Times

Postby JDThomas » Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:26 pm

Douglas Caddy has provided the following link to view the original New York Times edition following the assasination

Interesting to pick-up some direct quotes before the news got "managed"

Dr Clark:

"It was apparent that the President had sustained a lethal wound," he said. "A missile had gone in and out of the back of his head causing externatlacerations and loss of Brain tissue"

So a direct quote of a bullet OUT OF THE BACK OF HIS HEAD, in contradiction to the official findings (and I think nobody seriously believes that in went in from the back, turned 180 dregress and back out again!). Also reported is the throat wound being treated as an entrance wound.

I would dearly like to read a full transcript of the Parkland press conference as I have only ever seen snippets. What Kilduff actually said against what others reported that he said would be illuminating.
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