71 % of Americans Disbelieve In The Official Story.

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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71 % of Americans Disbelieve In The Official Story.

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Sun Nov 17, 2013 8:49 pm

It's strange how the latest polls show that at least 71 % of Americans do not believe in the Warren Commissions over all findings. And here we are at 50 years later and on this 50 year anniversary the national media is drenching us again with the same old BS. Well all but that crazy theory of the Secret Service agent shooting President Kennedy in the back of the head by accident !!!! And one of the things that puzzles me greatly is it seems every JFK special program is stuck on only the one thing did Oswald shoot Kennedy and did he do it alone ? No one not one time have I heard any program ask the question who was behind the assassination ? Who coached Oswald ? Who and what was the driving force that set the assassination into motion ? That seems to be completely lost. And that's were our investigation comes into play. That's the whole of our research and we have come away convinced beyond any doubt that George De Mohrenschildt working as a contract agent for the CIA and was one of the driving influences.We found hand written notes in The Netherlands were George De Mohrenschildt confesses that himself and Lee Oswald talked many many times about murdering John F.Kennedy and how it could be done. And after Kennedy was assassinated De Mohrenschildt say's he is only surprised that the murder didn't happen sooner than it did .
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