Conspiracy overview from Wikipedia

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Conspiracy overview from Wikipedia

Postby Tom Bigg » Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:36 pm ... y_theories

How accurate is this summation of conspiracy theories?

Also, how would Bugliosi respond to the forensic evidence about the bullets recovered at the crime scene?

On the bullets, which represent the key forensic evidence, even the Warren Commission report chronicled 20 plus bullets recovered after the event:

Here are some additional bullets reported the day that JFK was shot in the Warren Commission Report--what incentive would they have to report these?

Volume 20, page 410. Hit person on sidewalk.

Hit the inside of the windshield of the driver's compartment cracking the glass. Volume 16, page 945

Hit the windshield chrome, as set forth In Volume 16, page 946

Hit the sign. Volume 16, page 19-24.

Hit the motorcycle officer on the far side of the motorcade. Volume 18, page 763, and Volume 19, page 535.

Known as the Koolade bullet, Volume 6, page 212.

Next set inside the Lincoln Presidential:

Right shoulder/chest. Volume 6, page 19

Right wrist, as found in Volume 6, page 92.

Left thigh, as recorded in Volume 6, page 90.

Hit child at curb on the north side of Elm Street, Volume 11, Page 218.

Hit man named John Wiseman, Volume 19, page 535.

Bullet #15 -Hit hair but missed the head of the man beside the First Lady.

Bullet#16-Fatal head shot(s).

Bullet#17-Hit John Connally

Bullet #18 -Hit the pavement of Elm Street set forth In Volume 6, page 221

Bullet #19 -Hit pavement at left of the Presidential car as set forth in the Skelton testimony, Volume 6, page 238

Bullet #20 -Hit the turf near the overpass and was discovered by Patrolman Foster and set forth in Volume 6, page 252

Bullet #21 -Hit the curb of Main Street near the underpass, a fragment of which hit Mr. James Tague in the cheek. You will find this evidence In Volume 7, page 552

The Warren Commission conclusion:

"The consensus among the witnesses at the scene was that there were three shots fired. However, some heard only two shots, while others testify that they heard four shots and perhaps as many as five or six shots.”
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