LBJ's Meeting With George Wallace

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LBJ's Meeting With George Wallace

Postby Tom Bigg » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:13 am

Robert Morrow posted this a couple of days ago through the Gary North site(warning, strong language):

The Day LBJ Met With George Wallace

Gary North - August 31, 2013
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I got this from Robert Morrow. Morrow believes that LBJ was behind JFK's assassination.

On August 30, 2013, he mailed out this. I pass it along. It sounds exactly like the LBJ I
always distrusted.

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In honor of yesterday's 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I would like to give
you a little tidbit about Lyndon Johnson as president, his take on civil rights & his
attitudes towards black Americans. LBJ called up George Wallace to visit him in the White
House, probably in 1965. Wallace brought along his right hand man and #1 Alabama
political operative Seymore Trammell. His son Warren Trammell is one of my Facebook
Here is how the meeting of Lyndon Johnson and George Wallace went. This meeting was on
March 13, 1965. It was the following Saturday after the previous "Bloody
Sunday" in Selma. Actually this meeting was highly publicized, but the actual
contents of it as relayed by Warren Trammell are not well known. Also, I do not know if
the USA was bombing the Ho Chi Minh trail at that time, but I think Trammell catches the
unvarnished behind the scenes "flavor" of LBJ quite well.

Go to LBJ's presidential schedule and look up March 13, 1965:
llections/daily-diary.html On the diary it says 12:05PM Meeting - LBJ, George Wallace,
Seymour Trammell, Katzenbach, Bill Moyers and Burke Marshall. By the way, like Wallace
and the Trammells, I am a native of Alabama so this is of special interest to me.


On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 5:52 PM, Warren Trammell wrote to Robert Morrow:

"To Robert Morrow: to whom it may father's (Seymore Trammell) memories
of his and Alabama Governor George Wallace's private and not really publicized meeting,
with President Lyndon Johnson in his Oval Office, concerning the racial violence in the
Southeast in the 60s. It's been impossible to nail down the exact day since it was not
well publicized.

In the mid 1960s in America, white/black racial unrest had reached the most violent
levels the South had ever seen in modern times! Alabama Governor George Wallace and his
number one adviser my father Seymore Trammell had their hands full "managing"
the black/white racial violence all the Southern politicians thought was caused by the
Reverend Martin Luther King and his growing crowds of black followers!

At the same time in a lesser known part of the world, the LBJ's USA was deeply embroiled
in a massive war in North Viet Nam over oil (the real reason we know today). America's
President at that time, in charge of "managing" these two violent situations,
was Lyndon Baines Johnson, affectionately know by his Southern political buddies as just
LBJ or just Lyndon. Unknown to the public, Southern politicians privately shared Lyndon's
hatred of what he called in private, "niggers". Lyndon hated "niggers'! He
called them "niggers" in private. He cussed "niggers" every day, my
father said, and called them all kinds of vile names! He had his hands full with the Viet
Nam war and hated being "bothered by those G--damned niggers" my father said
Lyndon said.

To rid his hands of those "G-damned niggers" he called my father and Governor
Wallace to his Oval Office officially to have a "friendly informative talk"
about the disturbing violence in the South. George and Seymore were very excited! They
just knew their buddy Lyndon was going to give the massive help in "managing those
niggers" Lyndon said.

However, in typical trickster style, when George and Seymore got into Lyndon's Oval
Office, they were shocked! Lyndon began to cuss like a sailor and ask them, "What in
the hell are you boys (Lyndon called them boys) doing with those G--damned niggers down
there?" Shocked and taken back, the "Guvna" said "Well Mr. President,
we're doing the best we can! What do ya want us to do?"

At that Lyndon began to cuss "niggers" again. They were sitting on either side
of a narrow coffee table in the Oval office and big Lyndon with his long strong arms and
big powerful Texas rough hands reached over and slapped both Seymore and George hard on
their knees and held their legs a moment and said "Now you boys, you gotta get your
G--damned asses back down to Alabama and make those G--damned niggers act right and calm
the hell down! I am G--damned tired of hearing 'bout those G--damned niggers on the
G--damned news every night! Every night at midnight, I hafta get on that damned Red Phone
over there on my desk and give the G--damned orders for the B-52 Bombers to fly over the
Ho Chi Minh trail and all over that G--damned North Viet Nam and bomb the the hell outta
the whole G-damned country every G--damned night and this G--damned war is killing

"You boys got it lucky. Hell George (Lyndon called him George and "boy"),
all the hell you got is those G--damned niggers throwing rocks and tot'in signs! Hell,
here, I had to get the Secret Service to put-up double thick bullet proof glass to the
White House windows cause these G--damn niggers and hippies up here are shootin' bullets
at me and my wife and 2 little girls are scared to death! I hate those G--damned niggers
and hippies"

At that point my father tried to tell Lyndon something but again Lyndon slapped him hard
on his knee and said "Now be quiet boy, here, take this pad and pencil and take some
G--damned notes". My father gave me the pad and pencil with the Presidential Seal on

The short meeting was over and Lyndon lastly said "You boys go back to Alabama and
get them G--damned niggers quiet! And I don't want to hear nothin' else on the news about
them G--damned niggers!" At that point Lyndon said to the "Guvna",
"Come-on boy we gotta go outside, wave at the press and tell'em we had a very
productive meeting 'bout them G--damned niggers!" As they stepped up to the mic,
Lyndon said kind words about the blacks in the South and indicated that the
"Guvna" agreed with him and was going back to Alabama to help them get their

Lyndon grabbed George by the arm before he could speak, turned him around and with his
huge hand on the Govna'a back, pushed him back into the Oval Office and out the door to
get on one of the Presidential Planes back to Alabama! The "Govna" and Seymore
were sadly disappointed and grumbled all the way back to Alabama, the Guvna angrily
chewing on his cigar and Seymore clutching his blank Presidential note pad with great
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