Palm Beach County Sherrifs Department

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Palm Beach County Sherrifs Department

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:35 pm

On the day George De Mohrenschildt was found dead several strange things occurred. First off the cassette taping that was being used to record a TV soap opera recorded the strange beeping sound that indicated that a door had been opened in the Tilton home very shortly before a gun shot blast is heard on the cassette recording.And the strange sound of footsteps on the hard wood floors of the Tilton home just moments before the gun blast and then we see George sitting in socks with no shoes on or even near his body. Secondly there was a house cook a gardener a housekeeper all present that afternoon either inside the Tilton home or outside in the garden beds area. When questioned by the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office on what they had seen or heard they all had the same answer. None of the three had heard anything no gun shot blast nothing or seen anything out of the normal and all were present when the supposed suicide had taken place. Even though the weapon that was supposedly used in the suicide was a Utica 20 gauge shot gun and had used #9 shot the three workers heard nothing. Thirdly after obtaining the autopsy report and viewing the death scene pictures there was no exit wound to George De Mohrenschildt's head after being shot with a 20 gauge shot gun right in the mouth. Fourthly the night of the death the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office dispatcher had received a very suspicious phone call from an anonymous caller who gave information concerning the De Mohrenschildt's death. Our investigation showed that the dispatcher had recorded the call and felt it was credible enough to save for further investigation. That recording can not be located either just like the recording of the death tape.
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