Misinformation and George De Mohrenschildt goes into hiding

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Misinformation and George De Mohrenschildt goes into hiding

Postby Tommy Wilkens » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:59 pm

There has been a lot of misinformation concerning the disappearance of George De Mohrenschildt when he fled on foot from the Hotel Metropol in the center of Brussels Belgium after his brief meeting with the former head of the KGB to the Netherlands on March 3,1977. The greatest misleading information was that Willem Oltmans the Dutch Investigative journalist had waited till George De Mohrenschildt was dead before he contacted the House Select Committee on Assassinations. That is complete misinformation which was used to discredit Oltmans and his investigation.Oltmans personal notes describe in detail how once De Mohrenschildt didn't return as promised he feared some sort of foul play .He had even mentioned in his notes that he feared that De Mohrenschildt would be "bumped off" were the words he used. He waits until March 14 ,1977 and then contacts Bob Tannonbaum of the House Select Committee on Assassinations with his fears for De Mohrenschildts life and he at this time reveals the information that he has pertaining to the JFK assassination and George De Mohrenschildts direct involvement in the plot. That is a full 13 days before De Mohrenschildt is found dead in Florida and the House Select Committee on Assassinations knew about De Mohrenschildts confession to his involvement . But in the end certain media outlets don't ever report this they torpedo Willem Oltmans investigation and make it appear that the Dutch journalist is telling a story that a now dead man had revealed to him and no mention of the true facts that when first reported to the proper authorities George De Mohrenschildt was still very much alive and in hiding.
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