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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 2:11 am
by Dealey Joe
Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles (born February 15, 1928) (nicknamed Bambi by some Cuban exiles) is a Cuban-born Venezuelan anti-communist and former Central Intelligence Agency agent.
Posada has been convicted in absentia in Panama, of involvement in various terrorist attacks and plots in the Americas, including: involvement in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed seventy-three people; admitted involvement in a string of bombings in 1997 targeting fashionable Cuban hotels and nightspots; involvement in the Bay of Pigs invasion; and involvement in the Iran-Contra affair. In addition, he was jailed under accusations related to an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro in Panama in 2000, although he was later pardoned by Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso in the final days of her term. Posada Carriles has always denied involvement in the airline bombing and the alleged plot against Castro in Panama, but has admitted to fighting for "freedom" in Cuba.
In 2005, Posada was held by U.S. authorities in Texas on the charge of illegal presence on national territory before the charges were dismissed on May 8, 2007. On September 28, 2005 a U.S. immigration judge ruled that Posada cannot be deported, finding that he faces the threat of torture in Venezuela. Likewise, the US government has refused to send Posada to Cuba, saying he might face torture. His release on bail on April 19, 2007 had elicited angry reactions from the Cuban and Venezuelan governments. The U.S. Justice Department had urged the court to keep him in jail because he was "an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks", a flight risk and a danger to the community. On September 9, 2008 the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed the District Court's Order dismissing the indictment and remanded the case to the District Court. On April 8, 2009 the United States Attorney filed a superseding indictment in the case. Posada-Carriles' jury trial had been set for February 26, 2010 but it was announced on February 22 that it would be postponed for at least three months. Posada-Carriles' trial ended on April 8, 2011 with a jury acquitting him on all charges.
Although he has never been convicted for his various acts of violence, Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archive has referred to him as "one of the most dangerous terrorists in recent history" and the "godfather of Cuban exile violence." In Miami however, where Posada currently resides, he is considered "a heroic figure in the hardline anti-Castro exile community


PostPosted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:19 pm
by Dealey Joe
Emailing prosecution of Luis Posada
by dankbaar » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:09 am ... is-posada/

I will never believe that the US government will seriously prosecute Luis and/or Orlando Bosch. This judge Kathleen Cardone is in the pockets of the powers that be.

They will postpone and delay prosecution untill 82 year old Luis is dead. Mark my words!

What a sham!


Back to the other point that I want to clear up. Bob Vernon had all of my papers, including the original manuscript and my notes for “To Kill A Country,” and he gave them to at that time, “warden Godinez” who is now the D.D. for the D.O.C. And in writing, I had it plainly stated the Orlando Letelier was killed by a bomb, that had the explosives transported by me, to Buckley, and Michael Townley put the bomb in his car, a Chevy Nova, if my memory is correct and the car exploded in front of the Chilean Embassy on Sheridan Circle, better known as Embassy Row. The explosives came from the Falcondo Mining Co. and they were 60 per-cent strength dynamite, that is referred to as “engineering explosives.” The man that I shot was sitting in the back seat of the limo when I pulled my .45 and shot the S.O.B. and yes, I ticked off a lot of people. But he was Russian, he was not a Chilean. Bob had all of the paperwork on all of this. Bob knows what I had down in writing and I even had the route that he, Orlando Letelier, took to work that morning. Ronnie Moffit and Michael Moffit were in the car with him. She was killed, but Michael survived it. Please tell them to get their facts straight. I know what I said.

He just released another film about me, Tosh, and C. Holt. It's called "I SHOT JFK." But that is not the movie he is talking about. He has been trying to get me to sign a movie release for my life story and etc...for the big screen as he calls it with Johnny Depp playing me. I will not help them promote a movie about my life. I could care less about the JFK part of my life, for me, that was a nothing job. We did much greater operations in the Southern-Hemisphere. As for JFK that holds no interest to me whatsoever.

As for JFK, it was not my decision, i was only ask to be back-up that morning when "Tosh" flew the plane in with Johnny to abort the assassination. But the contract had been given to Chuck, thru Sam, there-for the Company could not call it off. When Johnny, who was the Second Shooter, had been told by the Company to abort, he refused to be the second shooter and that was when Chuck ask me to back him up and prior to that my job was transporting weapons and driving the car and no more.

I guess you wonder why I don't want a movie made about me other than JFK. My life has been filled with violence, not only here at home for The Family, but around the world as well. I don't know if you saw the documents Wim has put on the inter-net from the FBI that ties me to The Only Daylight Assassination ever carried out in D.C. and also the bombing of the Cuban Airliner, taking 73 lives. And that my Dear, is not even the tip of the iceberg.The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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by Bob
Some recent news about Luis Posada Carriles... ... orist.html

The guy is tied to the hip of Poppy Bush, if you take a real close look at his track record of work for the CIA.


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by kenmurray