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Postby Dealey Joe » Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:28 pm

Eugene Hale Brading (also known as James Lee and Jim Braden) developed a long criminal record while living in California. Arrested 35 times he had convictions for burglary, illegal bookmaking and embezzlement.

On 21st November, 1963, Brading arrived in Dallas with a man named Morgan Brown. They stayed in Suite 301 of the Cabana Motel. Later that day Brading visited the offices of Texas oil billionaire Haroldson L. Hunt. It is believed that Jack Ruby was in the offices at the same time as Brading.

After the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Brading was arrested and taken in for interrogation because he had been "acting suspiciously" in the Dal-Tex Building, overlooking Dealey Plaza. Brading told the police he was in Dallas on oil business and had gone into the building to make a phone call. Brading was released without charge.

Brading returned to his room at the Cabana Motel. It was later established that Jack Ruby visited the motel around midnight.

In his book, The Kennedy Conspiracy, Anthony Summers shows that Brading had links with Carlos Marcello, Santos Trafficante and David Ferrie.

In 1968 Brading was interviewed by the Los Angeles Police Department because of his presence in Los Angeles on the night that Robert Kennedy was murdered.
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Jim Braden's partner in crime did flee Dealey PLaza on 11/22/63: ... =3&theater
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