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jfkmurdersolved to be discriminated against by ISP's?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:18 pm
by M.C.Newton
This topic holds relevance based in the fact that this website along with all others can in the future get stuck in the slow lane of internet traffic. In a vote today that went basically along party lines Congress voted down the Net Neutrality Act. This will now allow ISP's to charge content providers a fee for faster service. What it does is eliminate the chance that smaller websites have for getting seen or being heard. Of course the Google's of the world will be able to pay the fee and thus will be shuttled to your computer faster than say a This puts at a disadvantage any startup website that hopes to be part of the internet community. And eliminates the "free market" approach to the internet. Also while giving ISP's the right to charge for preferred service they can now make even more money on something that OUR tax dollars created. Greed anyone?

Full Story: ... &subj=zdnn

Full Amendment Here: ... rkey20.pdf