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Postby Mark de Rooij » Thu Jun 08, 2006 6:23 am

Although I have been studying the JKF assassination for over 30 years now, I consider myself a newbee to this forum, for I have not checked every entry. So, hopefully you'll excuse me for for asking or remarking the obvious or adressing topics already extensively covered. My remarks, in random order:
1. Great documentary on SBS6, Wim! It is by far the most extensive digest on the assassination I have ever seen - it puts a lot of things in a good perspective.
2. More than an interesting 'whodunit', I consider the assassination, its preparation and the long aftermath as a lesson; a lesson to be very cautious as to what governments, officials and autorities want you to believe. I mean, is there any difference between the Warren Report and the reasons for invading Iraq? Donald Sutherland put it very eloquently in Stone's JFK: "Who benefitted?"
3. I am apalled by all the naivety of the American people and officials involved. Take Gerald Ford, for instance, in the interview in which he denies Ruby having had ties with the mob. Ford says he is convinced such ties never existed, for when he and Earl Warren themselved asked Ruby about such ties, "Ruby specifically said NO". That - according to Ford - is proof no such ties existed. The facial expression of Gerald Ford during the interview plus the content of his naive remark sums it all up: no-one believes the Warren findings, and the members of the Warren Commission themselves don't either. The Ford interview does, however, add a dash of black humor to a sad event.
3. Whatever happened to the 'death bed testimony' (some 6 years ago) of a former Dallas PD cop, who (according to his son), has had part in the preparations of the assassination? Never heard from it since.
4. Why did the SBS6 documentary not address the fact that the motorcade route was altered in the last instance, so it would pass directly past the TSBD and the grassy knoll? It would have been far more logical to continue straight on Main, instead of coming to an almost complete stop on the corner of Houston and Elm.
5. idem for the fact that the presidential security detail must have thought that by following the presidential limo, looking up to rooftops could possibly protect the pres? Especially interesting is the question why the bubble top was removed. Dallas was a known hostile city to JFK. I do not recall Clint Hill ever expressing himself on these remarkable facts.
6. Whatever happened to the missing frame in the Zapruder film? Who took it out? Any clues as to what might have been visible in that frame?

All for now, Mark.
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Mark de Rooij
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Postby M.C.Newton » Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:41 am

Hey Mark I'm also a newbie to the forum. My best advice dive on in. Seems really good so far. By and large very helpful people. I'm glad I found it (or did it find me?)

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

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Postby Dave Cannon » Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:59 am

I am a newbee to the forum also, but I have followed this website for over a year now. I have hesitated to join the forum because I was intimidated with all the info that is available.

I agree this is very helpful and important website.

Dave Cannon
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Postby Paul » Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:09 am

Mark, M.C.Newton and Dave:

I welcome you all here and I hope you enjoy your stay!!! :D
Ask whatever you want or whatever you want to discuss.

Gr. Paul.
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Postby Mark de Rooij » Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:09 am

Thanks Paul. I certainly am enjoying my visits to the website and forum. For the last 30 years, to me the JFK case has been an enigma that, as does this website, reads like the Da Vinci Code - but far more intrigueing. Plus, new facts that keep popping up, like the vast number of Cuban exiles, hit-men, mobsters, CIA people and the like that were present (and accidentally photographed) on and around Dealey Plaza. Or like the (deliberate?) tampering with evidence/bullets by Will Fritz - I never realized all that until I came across that info through this website.
Mark de Rooij
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Postby Bruce Patrick Brychek » Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:37 pm

Dear Messers. Mark de Rooij, Dave Cannon, and M.C. Newton,

I would like to join My Friend, Paul, in Welcoming you to the JFK Forum.
Some of us are extremely proud of what we are trying to do here.

Obviously, we all have various interests, and agendas for ourselves, but the "Cumulative Intelligence" of the JFK Forum is Great, and improving daily.

I have already noticed Posts from each of you, and in fact I have responded to some of you already.

Again, welcome aboard.

Bruce Patrick Brychek.
Bruce Patrick Brychek

Postby Mark de Rooij » Fri Jun 09, 2006 8:52 pm

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the warm welcome. Your pride is very, very appropriate!
I am currently working my way through finding the answers to questions I popped in my first post. The alterations to the Zapruder film have been occupying me the entire evening. I seem to spend even more time on the case these days than in the late seventies, when I visted Dealey Plaza and read every book published until then. I even have an orange-red brick sitting on my desk as a paper-weight...any clue from what building?
We'll be in touch.
Mark de Rooij
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A very warm welcome

Postby Eric Wessels » Sun Jun 18, 2006 12:55 pm

Hi Mark.

I have been researching JFK's murder not nearly as long as you have, but then again you ask the same questions.
We can (I can) safely say the we now know who fired the shots, but where did it all start. Is it high up in the US government, or at lower levels.
I have been watching the DVD's and also the special on TV by Peter R de Vries, but it still does not answers these questions.
We all have different points of view, personaly i thing that it is a combination of reasons. Hatred, pride discrimination and there are loads of others.
The main point is WHY. How does a country (and especialy the US government) allow itself to murder it's own statesman. Was he realy that dangerous. The CIA had a lot to do with it, the mob, other officials and they worked together.
In Holland we would call it a staatsgreep (a coup).
The people who did it (most of them anyway) are dead, why not reveal the truth.
I hope someday will come and sombody will do just that, not just like P. R. de Vries but in the US to.

Anyway, a very warm welcome from me and ps i haven't been on this forum for long either.

Let find out the truth, that's maybe better for all of us and everything.

The truth will allways prevail.
Eric Wessels
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Re: A very warm welcome

Postby Mark de Rooij » Sun Jun 18, 2006 4:33 pm

Eric Wessels wrote:Hi Mark.

I have been researching JFK's murder not nearly as long as you have, but then again you ask the same questions.


Hi Eric,
indeed: the WHY is really the big question. But also: WHY do you think that the Dutch have an above average interest in the assissination? Maybe we should ask Wim. Personally I think it is because politically and otherwise the Dutch tend to rely too much on the US for its security and foreign affairs. Whether it is for cruise missiles, troops for Iraq or Afganistan - the Dutch Government is very, very reluctant to make its own unbiased decisions. Now, if the Dutch are infuenced that easily by a foreign country and its government, it is critical for us to know who REALLY runs that foreign country. JFK apparantly did not - so to us it is especially worthwhile trying to find out who did (and does) run that beautiful country.


p.s. Wim, your thoughts please.
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Dutch and more dutch

Postby Eric Wessels » Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:27 am

Hi Mark.
In fact I am Dutch. What my government does is there bussiness. But on my part I do have the right to question them. Place their decisions in a different light. I really don't care about what other dutch may think about that JFK murder, and I don't have political reasons.
It happened in my lifetime (even though I was very young), and i am collecting pieces of history and things like that to make a complete picture.
However, it is interresting to see that wherever you look, in whatever country, there are secrets and conspiracies.
No government has clean hands. There is no good form of government either (except one, but it goes to far to explain, and i don't want to), freedom and democracy are fake, there is no real freedom, and democracy (the right of people to decide what's best for their country) are just a farce.
People want to be governed, ruled by a leader, and whatever he does (except for those who use their common sense and brain) is fine with them.
Why are the Dutch interrested, I don't know, does the dutch government have clean hands, NO, does the US, NO
Are they connected, YES.
Thank God their are Dutch and Americans and many more around the world who keep their eyes and minds open, realistic.
They are however not the ones, who are loved, because they don't want you to be free and do the right thing.

These are some of my views, but hey everyone is different.

I hope something makes sense.

Have a great day.
The truth will allways prevail.
Eric Wessels
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