the assasination attempt on Reagan?

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the assasination attempt on Reagan?

Postby Christian Hansen » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:47 pm

was there a lone nut - John Hinckley Jr or a conspiracy behind the assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan? i think lone nut but there could be a conspiracy?
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Re: the assasination attempt on Reagan?

Postby tom jeffers » Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:34 pm

tom jeffers

Re: the assasination attempt on Reagan?

Postby kenmurray » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:01 am

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Re: the assasination attempt on Reagan?

Postby Bob » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:51 pm

One of the other threads brings up an excellent point. John Lennon was assassinated by Mark David Chapman in December of 1980. It was a clear Manchurian candidate murder. Similar to RFK's murder in 1968, and the attempted assassination of George Wallace. Anyway, the killing of Lennon was really killing two bird with one stone. It showed the CIA that they could utilize this type of murder and still get away with it, plus it was a run through for another attemted assassination just a few months later when John Hinckley tried to murder Ronald Reagan with VP Poppy Bu$h waiting in the wings. Reagan lived and served two terms, but he really slept through those 8 years, as Poppy really ran things, as we saw Iran/Contra and other operations such as the arming of a couple of guys named Saddam and Osama as they were fighting the Iranians and Soviets respectively. Friends then. Enemies now. Either way...LOTS of money to be made.
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the assasination attempt on Reagan?

Postby Bruce Patrick Brychek » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:00 am

2:00 a.m.,
Chicago, Illinois time:

Dear JFK Murder Solved Forum Members and Readers:


08.04.2010 - Mr. Christian Hansen Originally Posted this Probative Headline and Supporting Comments.

Tom Jeffers, (Rest In Peace), Ken Murray, and Bob Fox developed a short, powerful discussion.

I remembered this lately as I am analyzing, reading, researching, studying, and writing about more and
more Intersecting Coincidences that occurred AROUND GHWB when:

* JFK was removed.

* MX was removed.

* MLK was removed.

* RFK was removed.

* GHWB became President.

* GHWB became Head of The CIA.

* etc. Add you own.

To My Mind's Eye, there is an Overall Major, Consistent Plan/Scheme since after WW II when Dwight
David Eisenhower became President.

How does all of this relate in Your Mind's Eye to today and TRUMP ?

As always, I strongly recommend that you first read, research, and study material completely yourself
about a Subject Matter, and then formulate your own Opinions and Theories.

Any additional analyses, interviews, investigations, readings, research, studies, thoughts, or writings
on any aspect of this Subject Matter ?

Bear in mind that we are trying to attract and educate a Whole New Generation of JFK Researchers
who may not be as well versed as you.

Comments ?

Bruce Patrick Brychek
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