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Re: FBI searching for Hoffa's body

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:50 pm
by Bob Lilly
Jimmy Hoffa was cremated and cannot be found.
In the winter of 1993 I was often in the Miami area and on weekends (a bachelor at the time) would spend time in the Keys. On hot afternoons in Islamorada I would enjoy a cold beer in a frosty mug at my favorite bar on the beach. It was there that I met the Judge. Many afternoons we sat there telling each other "war stories". For some reason the Judge thought I was CIA. Although I always denied it he was adament:"You don't pay your telephone bill, do you." The Judge had been a high ranking member in the D of J in DC. He told me that a senior member of the Mafia from NJ had also retired and moved into the same new subdivision just a few blocks away from where we sat. They lived on the same street and the wives became friends so they would entertain at each others houses. Of course the Judge and the Mafia knew each other as great rivals in their day but they did not let on to their wives. One evening while the guys were standing by the BBQ cooking dinner the conversation changed to Hoffa and the Mafia asked the Judge if he knew what happened to him. The Judge's ears perked up and he said he did not know but would love to. The Mafia said: "No one will ever find him. You know we owned a number of funeral homes." The Judge nodded and said: "You cremated him?" and the Mafia nodded three times.