I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

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I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby dankbaar » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:13 pm

Because the same stupid myths keep coming up time and again, even from my best supporters.

Steve Manning just started a thread on the "credibility"of Gill Jesus that JFK was "coughing up a bullet" that hit him in the throat.

I believe I better spend my time on improving the website, dispelling those myths, instead of addressing them here time and again.

The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby Bob » Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:04 pm

Don't do it Wim! This forum has NEVER been better. Yes...I'm sure there are things posted that upset you, but we have accumulated some superb voices here. We have some folks here now that research with fervor, are painfully persistant and who keep trying to learn (and teach). I'll put this forum up against any other JFK assassination forum. Debate is good...although sometimes it is like hitting your head against the wall when debating someone from the disinformation side. You have proven that you have a thick skin...as the dark side has gone after you with character assassination bullshit, just like they have with Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone. We are on a great trek now in terms of finding pieces to the puzzle, and this forum is helping, as we have many here that have great connections to well known (and REAL) researchers in the JFK assassination community. Bruce coming back has made us that much better. I know it gets frustrating at times, but I and many others here have your back.
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby ThomZajac » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:06 pm


Closing down the forum is certainly your prerogative, but such drastic action would be truly unfortunate.

I also think you have done great work, and your analysis of what transpired BEFORE the first shot was fired at Dealey Plaza is about the best I've seen.

I consider myself a reasonable man, and to me, the evidence indicates that the throat wound was one of entrance, that the body was altered between Parkland and Bethesda, and that the Zapruder film was altered as well- all things that you probably think of as myths. But so what? Do our differences significantly alter the meaning of the assassination? Or who was behind it? About why it was done? About who was involved? Those are truly the more important things, and on that, there seems to be very little disagreement on this forum.

Thanks for making this forum available, I do hope you keep it up and running.

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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby tom jeffers » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:55 pm


you wear your heart on your shirtsleeve. I understand this is you child and you want it to grow but only by exploring all possibilities will we get better and closer to the truth. i do not agree with anyone exactly of all the people that post but i also know that all i have is my opinion and it is not fact or fiction. everyone gets their beliefs from all of their various areas of influence posted on the web. even if he thinks there was a shot from the front and you don't, the good thing is you both agree it wasn't fired by oswald. you can have the most perfect website in the world but as long as there is info posted elsewhere, there are those who will beieve. there are still people that think bill cooper was right. it is time we embrace our common beliefs and openly debate our differences. let this be the forum that allows that to happen!

tom jeffers

Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby Dealey Joe » Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:11 am

Wim I am not a qualified researcher nor a detective. I am a newcomer here and feel inferior in my knowlege of all the information available
but there are a few things I want to say.
I thought to myself just this morning "why does Wim tolerate some of the things that go on here on this forum?"
I thought, he must be a Hell of a man.
I guess after so much talk you run out of anything to say.
JFK was the first Presidential candidate that I voted for when I was 21.
Since he was murdered I have never cast a vote for anyone running for president since.
I have always known in my heart that LHO did not commit this crime. And that Jack Ruby was involved in some way.
I have absolutely no trust in the government nor do I beleive anything they say.
We live in a rapidly axpanding police state.
When I found out about James Files, Judyth Vary Baker, Ed Haslam, Chauncy Holt and all the other research you have done it makes me know all is not lost. To me the forum should be about the things we do know and the evidence to support it,
All the speculation and conjecture about crap we can never have proof of is a waste of everyones time and energy.
I beleive James Files
I beleive Judyth Vary Baker
I beleive Ed Haslam and Chauncy Holt
I am not interested in proving them wrong.
I want more information on them and to talk about them and to understand them.
I can give my opinion on about everything but that is all it is.
I am the same age as Jimmy Files and Judyth Baker and I know what happens to your memory. It take a little thought to remember everything that happened 50 or 60 years ago. The more you talk about it the more you remember. It doesn't make you a liar it just makes you human.
I don't know how you keep a forum in operation without discussing new things. but as I said I am no expert.
Wim I am so thankful that I have found you and I know there are thousands of others that would like to.
I don't know how you get to them? I am giving your book the anyone I know who will read it.
The thing I have trouble remembering is:
2.5 % of the people are GOOD (Truthful)
2.5 % are EVIL ( deceivers)
95 % are sheep and don't count for anything.
All we are looking for is the 2.5 %
Thanks for letting me ramble and much more thanks to you Wim and the 2.5 %.
We really don't have a choice other than to persue the TRUTH.
If you ask the wrong questions the answer does not matter!
then if you control the questions being asked the answer still does not matter!
To continue doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is "Insane"
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby bob franklin » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:17 am

I would add to Dealey Joe's remarks a couple of things. Firstly, you are making the bad guy's uncomfortable, or they wouldn't waste time and resources infiltrating your forum. Play on that as you've done in the past. Secondly, the 95 percent mentioned by Dealey Joe can be reached. You just need to get the "sheep" to stop grazing & look up. Thats WHY your forum makes the bad guys uncomfortable. Keep at it. My .02
Never trust a man who doesn't like dogs, & never EVER trust anyone your dog doesn't like.
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby steve manning » Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:04 am

I hate to sound like someone with a one track mind but I guess it is unavoidable. I'm mainly interested in objective feedback about the proposed theory of Gil and the few additional ideas I added to it? If Gil Jesus (or myself) is wrong, so be it, but lets debate the evidence that proves it? I've read everything Wim has already put forth about the alledged throat wound, and in light of what Gil Jesus presents it simply does not hold up? I'm sorry! I absolutely believe the original plan would have restrained any shooting from the front...as I said in my thread, this makes a great deal of sense! However, with talk of a last minute abort, in light of the previously aborted attempts, and 1964 happening in 39 days, this was the last chance to get the job done. Even at the risk of shooting from the front. How would any of the other teams know for sure if they were the only ones willing to go ahead with the hit or not? If there was a team on the south knoll, would it not have been possible they thought they were the only ones left? They may have heard one shot prior to the one they fired, the back shot, which most everyone who heard it thought it was a firecracker. Before they heard talk of an abort mission, they may have been prepared to wait (as Jimmy was) but if they thought everyone else fled, they may have decided to start shooting as soon as the limo made the turn onto Elm?

All personalities and feelings aside, I ask again, what is the truth about what happened? To be frank, I could careless if Gil Jesus is a mens room attendent in a fast food restaurant! Can we maintain our focus on the evidence. This issue as most of you know, is bigger than all of us.

Wim, its you're forum, but I for one would really miss the opportunity to read and learn. However, if there is no freedom of expression, then what would we really be losing?

steve manning
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby dankbaar » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:02 am

Okay, I won't do it then. I was testing the waters, but it seems there are too many members who do care about this forum. I also received a few private emails voting against. My own frustration was given in by the repetition of having to fight some persistent myths. It's just the way the forum is set up. Old threads dissapear to the bottom and newbees then raise the same points time and again. I guess it's not their fault. I believe I must simply make some new webpages about myths like:

- The frontal shot through the windshield / The cause of the throat wound.
- Badgeman /Sarti
- Ed Hoffman

The allies of evil are ignorance, apathy and the wish to not believe.
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby andries » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:41 am

Sutch new threats that,s not a bad but a great idea Wim,mutch better than closing down this exelent forum.
I,m from Enschede Holland and i think dispite i dismiss half your case there is still a great amount of outstanding research work you have done,and i even don,t believe a wort the international or the poor dutch press sometimes writes about you.
Even a eternal doubtfull entrance wound in the throat doesnt automaticly mean files is all crapp.
bombarda precedente juncti sunt
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby Lofty » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:20 am

I saw this thread title and thought oh shit i just got here...... :shock:
Glad to see Wim has had a change of heart on this, as a newcomer to this forum, and a relative newcomer to this subject ,compared to a lot of people on this site, i try to read around as much info as i can before posting, for i can understand that a point in a subject that is news to me, may be old news to everyone else, so i am careful not waste space by posting as such.
Anythng that rattles the other side has got to be good...
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby kenmurray » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:49 pm

This is an excellent forum with great people and good research and information. So glad to hear this forum will stay on like it should. 8)
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby Bob » Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:09 pm

Glad to see you have reconsidered Wim! The site is fantastic with all the excellent information on hand, and adding to the library NEVER hurts. I see the forum as an extension to the site. Do we ALL agree on EVERYTHING? Hell no. But debate is good...as it the chance to learn more everyday and help teach people that may have questions. I look at the JFK assassination research community and see two teams...the lone nut club and the conspiracy club. The conspiracy club all agree that a conspiracy took place on 11/22/1963 when JFK was assassinated. However, there are several different opinions as to how that took place. I looked at all of them over the years. The reason I came to this site and this forum is because I believe your views are the closest to the actual facts. I STILL feel that way. However, I still am open to look at views from other sources, except the lone nut club of course. Since I have been part of this site and this forum, there have been a number of things that have been uncovered that were unknown when I first became part of this forum. Things like Jimmy Files speaking to Edward Lansdale just prior to the assassination. There are more examples as well, and we will continue to find more as well. More will be uncovered. This site and forum are getting the dark side nervous. Good! It means we are doing something right. That will continue.
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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby tom jeffers » Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:18 pm


is there anyway to organize your website differently such as you have got a main chapter of who shot jfk and why?

can you organize it so there are chapers like

key conspirators
secret service
other major players
books and articles
other forums
pictures and films
dealey plaza

or etcetera. this list is by no means all inclusive or even the blueprint but in doing so we can move the various threads into these chapters. give bob and myself the ability to move a blog or a heading into the appropriate chapter or thread and we will help you. I think this would organize the sight and make the info easier to research. just a few weeks ago bruce brought up the zipper files and i had started a thread on that a few weeks before that had went to page 2. what do you think guys? give me some feedback on this idea.

tom jeffers

Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby Bruce Patrick Brychek » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:02 pm


Dear JFK Murder Solved Forum Members and Readers:

04.24.2006 under JFK Forum Rules For Registration I began making my sentiments
clear. Today, I will expound upon them. Some will disagree, I'm sure.

Wim I think that you should Demand that everybody, myself included, re-register under
the following rules.

1. First Year/First Time Registration for all should be $ 200.00. Along with this, the
following will occur.
A. First Time Registrant's will register with a photocopy of their Driver's License, State
Identification, Passport, or Similar Identification. They must make their reasons clear to
you why they will only use partial names, or "pet names," on the JFK Forum.
B. You will pay by check or money order.
C. You will receive the following after registration:
1. Files On JFK - book, signed or registered by Wim.
2. Files On JFK - DVD, signed or registered by Wim.
3. Judyth Vary Baker DVD signed or registered by Wim.
4. Chauncey Marvin Holt DVD signed or registered by Wim.

If you already have any of the above, then you can give it to somebody that you deem
worthwhile as a JFK Researcher/Student in your opinion. I have purchased over 100
Files books and DVD's and J is my best friend. But I have sought to promote Wim
and his website, and this search for the truth.

If you are educated enough, and have access to a computer, then you should be able to
afford $200.00.

Each year after the First Year, namely Second Year Membership and beyond should be at
least $100.00.

I am totally fed up with the amount of nonsense, phonies, and disinformation specialists
that have floated through here. My system will not be perfect. But I venture to say that
90 % or more of the worthless people will be removed.



Comments ?

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Re: I am seriously thinking about closing down this forum

Postby tom jeffers » Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:22 pm


i agree with you when it comes to giving something of value for something of value. I am not sure whether the price will scare away some possible good contributors or not but I like the concept. I think anyone should visit for free but if you want to post then you must be a member that has atleast gone to the trouble of some minor research. there could be a newby section that allows posting for non members about specific topics or to ask questions about the usual stupid crap but it would be limited to certain subjects.

my only concern is that everyone always attacks wim about him trying to make a fortune off of pedling damaged goods and if he did something like that, his critics will indoubtably use that as fuel. otherwise i like atleast the concept of what you posted.

tom jeffers


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