Introducing myself

Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today.

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Introducing myself

Postby ArjanBoes » Sat May 06, 2006 9:56 pm

Hi there,
I'd like the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Arjan Boes and I'm a music-producer from the Netherlands. I got interested in the JFK assasination a few years back after reading an article in a dutch newspaper about Judyth Vary Baker.
A week later I was having dinner in a little restaurant when Judyth came in and sat next to me and my fiancee's table. I recognized her from the picture in the newspaper and started talking to her. We had a few drinks together and Judyth invited us to come and visit her at her little museum.
I visited her two or three times ,1 time with my fiancee. At one of these occasions I had a long talk with Wim and we shared a bottle of wine that I got from a friend of mine's bar that afternoon.
Due to personal reasons and the moving of Jude(as I call her) we lost contact but occasionally I browsed the internet to see if there were further developments.
I focussed on producing music mainly and Wim kept searching for the truth.
Last week I saw a television program about the findings of Wim and I contacted him again.

I like to state for the record that :

I am not a believer of a single gunman theory.
I am not a truely believer of any conspiracy theory whatsoever.
I am not religious.
I am not political active nor do I vote when there are elections in my country.
Alltough my name is Boes and some people know me by my artist name "Boosh" and my band's name is Bushcollectors. I am not related or linked to the Bush family nor do I have sympathies for them or connections with them.
I am not as some people a few years ago stated an American citizen or from American descent. People came to that conclusion just because I used abbreviations commonly used in english. I just know a bit of the english language. My family is from pure Dutch descent and my familytree goes back as far as 11 generations. Our first known ancestor was born in the Netherlands around 1580.

I am here to get information for a project I want to do and I'll ask lots of questions. I am not affraid of consequences. I know Judyth was threatened and some weird things happended to her when she was living in my hometown. I've had guns in my face a few times in my life and it really doesn't matter to me if a weird junkie that robs me pulls a gun on me or a CIA guy that wants to silence me. I know the truth is out there and that there are people like Wim Dankbaar that will do anything to find the truth.

Currently I am reading Wim's book which I bought yesterday. I'll read and read and browse everything on the net before I make my own conclusion. Untill then I am blank. In other words : I don't know what to believe and have to put every piece of evidence and theory in place. Maybe I take sides but for now I am a newcomer,totally unbiased.

If anyone on here has any questions just shoot them at me and I will answer them.

Arjan Boes ( aka Boosh) producer and founder of "the Bushcollectors"
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